Photo may have been deleted

A lesbian couple who ran out of a restaurant without paying their bill say they had a good reason to leave.

Ruby McGrath and Suzy Hopley enjoyed a delicious meal with their two children at a pub in Swinton, North Yorkshire.

After finishing their meal the family fled the restaurant without paying.

Lisa McMaster, the pub owner, uploaded CCTV footage of the family to the Internet. “How nice of you to come for a meal and drinks and run without paying,” she wrote in the caption.

The couple was ridiculed and mocked worldwide.

In a since-deleted Instagram post Ruby McGrath said they left without paying because of a personal emergency.

“Sadly our visit was cut short and we had to dash – poor Frank didn’t even get to have his ice cream – due to a personal emergency,” she wrote.

Ruby complained that they are being body-shamed by “homophobic” social media users.

“Usually I’d ignore ridiculous online hate, but this also involves my children,” she wrote.

“A misunderstanding that got enormously blown out of proportion, followed by a homophobic and body-shaming witch hunt. Beware the power of social media,” she added.

Ruby said she settled the bill with the pub owner the next day.

“Anyway, long story short, all is well, the bill and generous tip have been paid. There are no hard feelings between myself and the lovely people at The Smithy Arms, yet the internet has gone nuts.”