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A work from home employee was recently terminated after her employer discovered she wasn’t typing enough.

Suzie Cheikho, 38, was fired after working for an Australian insurance firm for 18 years, reports.

Her employer previously issued a formal warning to Cheikho to increase her keyboard strokes in November 2022. She was put on a performance improvement plan and her keyboard strokes were tracked on 49 working days between October and December.

Cheikho was fired on February 20, 2023. She appealed to The Fair Work Commission, but her termination was upheld, reports.

The Fair Work Commission found that Ms. Cheikho didn’t type enough on 44 of the 49 tracked days. She started working late on 47 days, finished early on 29 days and didn’t work at all on 4 days.

“It’s embarrassing that this story has gone viral — nobody is going to hire me,” she told

“In 18 years of work there I only ever got one warning,” she said.

President Biden and major corporations are ordering their remote employees to return to the office due to low productivity.

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Popular subreddit r/Overemployed on provides cheat tips for their 216,000 members who work more than one remote job.

Among the cheat tips is move your computer mouse around at least every 10 minutes to give your employer the illusion that you’re working instead of taking a nap or playing tennis.

The subreddit’s motto is: “Work two remote jobs, reach financial freedom.”