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President Biden has ordered federal employees to return to the office after working remotely from home for years.

Federal employees who work from the comfort of their homes are outraged and threatening to quit.

Biden has asked his Cabinet to “aggressively execute” plans to bring federal employees back into offices this fall.

In an email to the Cabinet on Friday, White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients wrote: “We are returning to in-person work because it is critical to the well-being of our teams and will enable us to deliver better results for the American people.”

He added: “As we look towards the fall, and with the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency, your agencies will be implementing increases in the amount of in-person work for your team. This is a priority of the President — and I am looking to each of you to aggressively execute this shift in September and October.”

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Biden (and major corporations) are calling for an end to the WFH era due to people working more than one WFH gig.

Or comments like this one taken from a Manosphere board:

“I work 2 tech [work from home] jobs right now and job 2 is so easy that it’s ridiculous. I went ahead and knocked out all my work for the entire week and part of next week. I still clock in and get my 40 hours per week tho.”

Many businesses are struggling because employees still work remotely 2 years after the end of the COVID pandemic.

A recent study showed fully remote work led to an 18% drop in productivity.

In his State of the Union in March 2022, Biden vowed that “the vast majority of federal workers will once again work in person.”

“The federal government should lead by example, and the president should keep his promise,” former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg wrote in an op-ed in The Washington Post.