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The White House has announced Pres. Joe Biden's 6-pronged strategy to combat surging cases of Covid-19 Delta and Mu variants on Thursday.

Biden will require all 2.3 million federal workers to get vaccinated - with limited exemptions and no option for testing.

Biden signed an executive order forcing all federal employees and contractors to get the vaccine. They will have 75 days to get vaccinated with few exceptions.

Federal workers were previously allowed to take a Covid-19 test if they refused a vaccine. That option is now off the table.

"There will be limited exceptions for legally recognized reasons disability or religious objections," Whit House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday.

Biden's plan will disregard people who previously contracted Covid-19.

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Biden will speak to the nation from the White House at 5 p.m. ET on Thursday.

He will address the six areas where Covid-19 mandates can be tightened for federal employees and contractors.

Psaki said anyone who "fails to comply, will go through the standard HR process, which includes counseling and face disciplinary action."

"Obviously the federal workforce is one of the largest in the country and we would like to be a model to what we think other businesses, organizations should do. The expectation is that if you want to work with federal government or be a contractor, you need to be vaccinated unless you are eligible for one of the exemptions."

Biden is pressuring states to push vaccinations in populations where vaccination rates are low.

However, some southern states such as Florida and Texas are pushing back.

About 70% of Black people are unvaccinated.