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BET, Gwinnett Sheriff

NeNe Leakes’ eldest son Bryson Bryant will remain in jail until early 2024. Gwinnett County (GA) police arrested Bryson in July for felony possession of fentanyl and other charges.
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According to, a judge ordered Bryson held in jail for 152 days for probation violation. His mother won’t be able to bail him out this time.

Bryant, 33, won’t be eligible for release from Gwinnett County Jail until January 3, 2024, according to

Bryson was also charged with “giving a false name, address, or birth date to a law enforcement officer.”

He was accused of giving Gwinnett County police his younger brother’s name and birth date. Police discovered his real identity when they checked his fingerprints against the prints in their database.

Photo may have been deleted

NeNe told PEOPLE her troubled son is addicted to drugs and needs counseling.

“He needs rehabilitation,” she explained. “He needs a lot of counseling. Like many families out there, I have family members that are struggling with drugs and certain addictions. He has an addiction. He’s been struggling with it for years. He’s been in rehab for a couple of times and he still has come back out and relapsed.”

“As a mom just to watch it, my hands are tied,” she said. “[There’s] not much that I can do. For people who have had children or family members that have been on drugs, they know that they have to be ready. They have to simply be ready.”

NeNe said she also received counseling to deal with the depression caused by having an addicted child.

“But I learned through counseling myself that he has to say, ‘I’m ready to go,’ not me making him go. So until Bryson is ready to make a change, [there’s] nothing I [can] do,” she said.

“He is 33 years old, he’s an adult. He has three children — three beautiful children — who I adore. He has a wife. As a mother, I would never wash my hands of my child, right? But, I’m kind of numb to it because it’s been happening for so many years. I’m just really kind of numb to the situation.”