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Young people on TikTok are beginning to realize their lives are worse off now than before the pandemic.

TikTokers are complaining that they can’t pay bills or put gas in their cars. They’re struggling to pay rent. Their paychecks don’t cover life’s necessities such as food and medicine.

And they’re insulted that the government is trying to distract them with talk about aliens and UFOs.

“Everybody too broke and stressed to worry about aliens existing,” one YouTuber said.

Depression and despair are common themes in the comment sections on YouTube and TikTok.

One YouTube commenter wrote:

“I’m a single mom and hearing two income households living the same struggle is really just so crazy. I’m about to be homeless, I’ve really tried hard but I was laid off and for a person who lives paycheck to paycheck is a scary situation. Im so depressed.”

Another commenter wrote:

“I was doing OK before the lockdowns… but post-covid things started going downhill fast. I had to move back in with my mom at 34. It is humiliating. Definitely am tired AF too. There’s no end in sight either. Things are getting worse by the day.”

A third person wrote:

“I normally don’t care for Tik Tok, but it seems as we are really starting to wake up and see what’s going on, and as sad as it is I’m glad my generation is starting to realize the bs and starting to stand up for what they deserve.”

Watch the video below.