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A pilot died after his plane crashed during a gender reveal party in Mexico on Saturday, Sept. 2.

According to reports, the plane flew over the couple and released a plume of pink smoke. cell phone video shows the plane lost a wing before nosediving into the ground.

After the plane flew overhead, the couple embraced in front of a large sign that read “OH BABY” in lights. The couple and their guests were oblivious to the plane crash.

The pilot survived the crash in San Pedro, Navolato, but he died from his injuries at a hospital, according to CNN sister network, CNN en Español.

It was the latest deadly incident involving a gender reveal party.

Two pilots died in March 2021 after a gender reveal party stunt went horribly wrong over the Caribbean Sea near Cancun.

A gender reveal party in Southern California in March 2020 sparked a deadly wildfire that scorched 22,000 acres and caused millions of dollars in damages. The couple who threw the gender reveal party was charged with 30 crimes, including involuntary manslaughter. They were ordered to pay a multi-million dollar fine in restitution.

And in Iowa in October 2019, an incendiary device exploded at a gender reveal party, killing a grandmother who stood nearby.

Blogger Jenna Karvunidis, who is credited with originating the gender reveal party trend in 2008, has since urged other expectant couples to stop holding gender reveal parties.

Watch the video below.