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ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III called out CBS sports reporter Danny Kanell for hateful comments toward Colorado head coach Deion Sanders.

Kanell and others on social media celebrated when the Oregon Ducks handed Colorado its first loss of the season on Saturday.

Griffin said Kanell was happy to see Colorado lose, but Kanell denied it. Griffin and Kanell are both former NFL quarterbacks.

Prior to the game, Ducks head coach Dan Lanning told his team Colorado was “fighting for clicks, we’re fighting for wins.”

Kanell continued to repeat Lanning’s line after the game on Twitter/X.

Griffin addressed Kanell directly in a Twitter/X post.

“There is nothing wrong with Dan Lanning’s approach or intensity for HIS team. His job is to motivate HIS players, prop up HIS program and people are LOVING IT. Well that’s exactly what Coach Prime is doing for Colorado, so why do people hate it?”

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Kanell responded to Griffin III, writing:

“Simple. People were exhausted with the over the top coverage of Deion. Every pregame speech aired ALL day on every ESPN show on loop. Over hyping average wins. That’s it.”

Griffin took exception to Kanell calling Colorado’s 3 victories “average wins,” especially since Colorado went 1-11 last season.

“Danny. Coach Prime took over a 1-11 Colorado team. Then got 47,277 fans to sell out their spring game, which was more than the last 9 spring games combined. Then sold out season tickets for the first time in 27 years. Then knocked off #17 TCU and started 3-0. YOU ARE JUST A HATER,” Griffin III wrote.

Photo may have been deleted

Griffin III suggested Kanell may still be upset because Sanders intercepted his pass for a pick 6 against the NY Giants in 1998.

The Giants benched Kanell and he never started as a quarterback in the NFL again.

“You have DRASTICALLY MORE hateful comments towards Coach Prime and we all know why,” Griffin III wrote.