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Cardi B admits she has a mustache and she shaves it regularly. Facial hair on women is typically a sign of high levels of male sex hormones.

After posting a video clip of herself walking seductively, a troll tweeted that the 30-year-old, mom of 2 “looks like she has a mustache.”

Cardi B responded, “I do have a mustache. Why you think my pu**y soo good?”

Cardi is right: there is a strong link between excess male hormones in women and high libido, sexual arousal, strong walls, and intense orgasms.

Cardi B also exhibits typical male mannerisms. She wears the pants in her household. She’s the main breadwinner and she aggressively defends her husband, Offset, from female predators.

Excess male androgens in females are converted into estrogen that regulates menstruation, helps to maintain healthy pregnancies, and minimizes bone loss (osteoporosis).

But excess male androgens in females also contribute to deep voice, excess facial hair and hair growth on chest, arms, legs, underarms and pubic area.