Photo may have been deleted

You may want to stop watching “The Simpsons” if you are easily triggered by Homer choking and attacking his son Bart.

Producers of “The Simpsons” animated TV sitcom denied recent reports that the fictional character Homer will stop strangling his son Bart.

Homer, a raging alcoholic, is easily angered by his son Bart’s antics and often chokes the 10-year-old boy while muttering his catchphrase, “Why you little…!”

The Simpsons is an American sitcom for all ages. But child abuse victims who are longtime fans of the animated series say they are triggered by the scenes of a father strangling his young son with both hands.

According to Yahoo Entertainment, the third episode of The Simpsons Season 25 features Homer promising to stop choking Bart because “Times have changed.”

“I don’t do that anymore. Times have changed,” Homer tells his wife, Madge, in the scene, which prompted online debates about how today’s passive culture has changed The Simpsons.

Photo may have been deleted

However, “The Simpsons” co-creator and producer James L. Brooks clarified that Homer will continue to choke out his son whenever he misbehaves at home.

Brooks tells that today’s woke culture has had no effect on The Simpsons.

Brooks said Homer strangling Bart is an act of “love” — and Bart will continue to be “loved by his father”.

“Nothing’s getting tamed. Nothing, nothing, nothing,” Brooks said. “He’ll continue to be strangled — [if] you want to use that awful term for it. He’ll continue to be loved by his father in a specific way.”

According to, Homer hasn’t strangled Bart since the show’s 31st season, which aired from 2019 to 2020.