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Turkey Leg Hut founder Nakia Price is divorcing her husband, Lyndell “Lynn” Price. According to reports, Nakia filed divorce papers in Houston back in May 2023. She shocked fans by announcing the divorce today, Nov. 7.

In a lengthy social media post, Nakia accused Lynn of emotional and physical abuse.

“I’ve been quiet for sooo long and I can no longer hold my silence,” the post began.

“This war, that I’ve been fighting behind closed doors, all the while pretending to the world that every thing [sic] is perfect, is too much to bear. I am living in hell on earth.”

Nakia went on to accuse Lynn of being a cruel, deceitful, gaslighting narcissist.

“The man that me and my children know is cruel, abusive emotionally and mentally and completely void of any emotion. From the time we wake up, til the time we close our eyes each night, we are literally in a fight for our peace and sanity.”

She concluded her post:

“There are so many more chapters to my story, but this one is officially closed. I’m going to need all the support I can get, but I also know that God has me… with love, Nakia Holmes.”

Photo may have been deleted

In 2016, Nakia founded the popular Houston eatery with Lynn and a business partner, Steven Rogers. In 2020, Nakia and Steven sued each other for financial misconduct, theft, and fraud.

Currently, Nakia is the sole owner of the establishment. Additionally, she owns Third Ward bar-restaurant Savoy Ice House, Daiquiri Hutt and a luxury car rental agency.

The Chicago native attended the University of Houston on a basketball scholarship and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business with minor in Marketing. Nakia and Lynn share four children.

The Turkey Leg was a favorite destination spot for NBA superstar James Harden and rapper Lil Baby, who both travel the world together. (below).