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Women are skipping meals and canceling hair weave appointments to save money for their man’s Christmas gifts.

With Christmas right around the corner, most women are willing to sacrifice their own needs to make their men happy.

DJ Kam Bennett posted a video that’s going viral on Twitter/X. The video shows a woman eating Ramen noodles with Tobasco sauce. The caption reads: “Saving to buy bae amiri jeans so noodles and real hair it is.”

Bennett captioned the post: “Ladies would you sacrifice your lifestyle aka your daily eating habits to save up for your man’s Christmas gifts?”

One follower responded: “I respect the hustle and the thought. But Amiri Jeans? That’s why we don’t have generational wealth right there!”

Another person wrote: “No. Because that means you’re struggling, if you have to give up how you eat to buy a gift… Don’t buy the gift.”

Others noted that men sacrifice every day to provide for their families. So a woman should be able to go one month without getting her hair and nails done.