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President Biden was “shocked” as a car plowed into one of the vehicles in his motorcade. The collision happened moments after Joe and Jill Biden exited his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware on Sunday.

The Bidens had just dined with members of his re-election team before the incident, according to the White House press pool report.

Biden was “visibly shaken” by the crash after he was asked by a reporter why he was tanking in the polls.

“Why are you losing in the polls?” the reporter asked.

Biden responded, “You’re reading the wrong polls.”

That’s when the speeding sedan crashed into a parked car in Biden’s motorcade.

Secret Service agents surrounded the sedan with rifles drawn. The driver, a Black man, put his hands in the air when he was instructed to surrender.

The Secret Service bundled Biden into his vehicle and left at 8:09 p.m.

Secret Service agents were seen talking to the driver whose hands were still raised in the air. The man was speeding on a street that was closed while Biden was inside his campaign headquarters.

AFP via Getty Images

Twitter/X users criticized the Secret Service’s slow response to the crash. Some users suggested the incident was just a trial run.

National polls show Biden is losing support among Black voters.

A recent CNN poll found that just 73% of Black voters favor Biden in the 2024 election, compared to the 92% he received in the last election.

Steve Kopek, a U.S. Secret Service spokesman, insisted the security breach was “not a serious threat” to the president.