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Darius Jackson says actress Keke Palmer was the “primary aggressor” in their dysfunctional relationship. In court documents obtained by, Darius said Keke was “verbally and physically abusive” toward him.

Darius, 29, submitted a counterclaim to LA County Superior Court Friday demanding to end Keke’s temporary restraining order against him.

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Keke, 30, was granted a temporary restraining order against Darius after accusing him of domestic violence.

A judge ordered the aspiring actor to stay away from Keke and their toddler son, Leodis, the child’s nannies and/or daycare.

But Darius said the court got it wrong. He claims Keke is the abusive one — and he has the receipts to prove it.

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Darius told the court that Keke “repeatedly engaged in abusive conduct” and “acted as the primary aggressor” toward him during their two years together.

He said she regularly punched him in the face whenever she consumed alcohol.

Darius told the court that on August 20, 2021, Keke “punched [him] in the face” at a birthday party they’d attended.

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He said Keke was also s*xually aggressive.

Darius claimed that on November 17, 2021, “after I told [Keke] I was not [spending] the night with her, she called me over 200 times and sent me over 50 emails.”

He submitted screenshots of his call log and emails as part of his filing.

In another incident in January 2022, Darius said Keke “punched the windshield of [his] car while [he] was driving.”

He said Keke offered to pay for a replacement windshield and he even submitted a copy of her sending the money to him.