Photo may have been deleted

Eddie Murphy’s troubled daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown allegedly threatened to shoot up her school in England.

The alleged threat was made in a cell phone video in 2022.

“If you’re watching this, you probably know what’s happened or what’s going to happen. And, um, I’m either dead, in prison, or it never happened,” she said.

Angel explained why she allegedly planned to shoot up her school.

“I’m losing my best friend. She’s not gonna be here next school year. So I’m gonna be completely alone,” she said. “I’m smiling now but it does really hurt. Uh, I love her,” Angel said under her breath. “She, um, she kinda like, um, it’s the last year with her I feel like it wasn’t very good because, you know, she got a girlfriend and she didn’t really pay attention to me.”

Angel was born to Spice Girl pop singer Melanie “Mel B” Brown on April 3, 2007. Angel shares the same birthday as her famous father, comedian icon Eddie Murphy. But Murphy questioned her paternity before she was even born.

When a Dutch reporter inquired about Brown’s pregnancy in 2006, Murphy responded, “I don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.”

After Angel’s arrival, Brown took Murphy to court to establish paternity. On June 22, 2007, a representative for Brown announced that a DNA test confirmed Murphy was the father.

Murphy agreed to pay Brown $25,000 a month until Angel turns 18. He didn’t meet his daughter until she was past the critical developmental stage for father-daughter bonding.

Fathers are crucial to a girl’s psychosexual development. Angel didn’t have the luxury of growing up with a loving father like her 9 siblings.

Angel now identifies as female-to-male trans with their preferred pronoun listed as “he” on Angel’s private Instagram page.

Photo may have been deleted