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Rapper Boosie Badazz accused fans of bullying him after he walked out of The Color Purple musical with his minor daughters.

Boosie and his 2 daughters settled into their seats in the movie theater to watch the family-oriented movie.

But the father of 8 was taken aback by the film’s LGBT+ content.

The 41-year-old Baton Rouge native took to social media on Monday to explain why he walked out of the theater in the middle of the movie.

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“I had to walk out this Color Purple movie ([and] two other older couples walked out also) because I had my little girls with me,” he wrote on Twitter/X.

“It seemed like a [rainbow] love story!! Good acting, but whoever wrote the script is pushing the narrative hard!! As a parent, I will not let my little girl watch this film.”

Studies have shown that LGBT-themed media can’t convert children from straight to gay.

Fans of the movie dragged Boosie who has expressed anti-LGBT sentiments in the past, despite the fact that his eldest daughter identifies as LGBT.

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Boosie is a doting father who spends quality time with his youngest daughters.

Now he is doubling down after fans accused him of being down-low ghey after he criticized the movie.

“Why if someone doesn’t agree with the [rainbow] narrative that’s being pushed why do y’all say that the person who does’t agree is [rainbow]. That’s bullying,” he wrote in a social media post.

Boosie added: “We have a right as parents to say it’s not cool for a 7 [and] 9 year old to watch this. We have rights as parents to protect our children as much as we can. I have no problem at all with [rainbow] people. My granddad was a preacher (Southern Baptist) [and] I’m just tryna raise my kids with the same beliefs [and] respect we was raised with it’s just this world will have U [in] a fight to do so!!”

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