Photo may have been deleted

Pop singer Lizzo looks noticeably slimmer in photos posted on Instagram on Tuesday. Lizzo captioned the photo gallery: “Keep yo foot on they necks all year.”

The songstress flaunted her Ozempic bod in a curve-fitting olive green dress with lace-up sides.

In a video to promote her Yitty line, the singer told her fans: “New year, new me. You know how they say run don’t walk? Teleport b***h.”

Then she showed off a crop top with matching leggings, and said:

“You have no idea how hard it was to get into this. This technology snatches and lifts. The booty is lifted — booty to the sky. You don’t have to wait to feel like the best version of yourself. Baby boo, it looks like we went to the gym, but we didn’t go to the gym. Yes, we’re putting ourselves first, you guys.”

Photo may have been deleted

Lizzo, 35, has struggled with morbid obesity. Her weight ballooned between 250-300 pounds over the years. She reportedly tried exercise and a vegan diet to help her lose weight.

Now her fans suspect she is taking Ozempic, the anti-diabetic injection that many are using as a weight-loss drug.

“Somebody is slimming and trimming. I see ya!!,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

Another fan wrote: “How is she not the sexiest woman in entertainment right now!”

While a third person added: “I have always loved Lizzo but girl I love this new look a lot.”

But others criticized her for losing weight with Ozempic while promoting body positivity.

One follower asked Lizzo: “Why take ozempic if you used to brag on your body?”

Another follower wrote: “Is this where Ozempic comes in? Showing off weight loss and being proud of that? It’s hard to understand.”