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Preliminary toxicology results show three men who froze to death at a Kansas City home had high levels of fentanyl in their system.

The autopsy showed David Harrington, Clayton McGeeney and Ricky Johnson had cocaine, traces of THC — and three times the amount of lethal fentanyl in their bloodstream.

All three men were found dead in the backyard of a home rented by Jordan Willis on January 9.

Willis, an HIV scientist, hosted a Kansas City Chiefs watch party at the house on January 7.

NewsNation got the toxicology results from a family member who asked to remain anonymous.

“A family member, who asked to remain anonymous, tells me cocaine, fentanyl, and THC showed up in the preliminary results,” NewsNation’s national correspondent Alex Caprariello wrote on Twitter/X.

“The family source says level 10 fentanyl is enough to kill. The #KansasCity3 were at level 30.”

“There have been no additional details of this case revealed to any media, nor are there any plans to at this time. The case remains an ongoing death investigation,” a police spokesperson told NewsNation on Thursday.

Willis moved out of the house five days after the bodies were found. He put his belongings in storage. Then he checked himself into a drug rebab facility.

The Kansas City Police Department told Fox News Digital no foul play is suspected, and “this case is 100% not being investigated as a homicide.”

But family members of the deceased accused the Kansas City police of dropping the ball.

Harrington’s body was found sitting in a plastic lawn chair on the back porch.

Photo may have been deleted
Screengrab, NewsNation

The other 2 bodies were found in a corner of the yard just feet away from Harrington.

Phone records show they were alive at 1:30 a.m. on Monday. Their bodies were found Tuesday night around 9:30 p.m.

A neighbor who witnessed two of the men arriving on Jan. 7 said they carried two 30-packs of beer.

However, no empty beer bottles were found inside the house. Police did not find drug paraphernalia in the house or the backyard.

Willis’ attorney John Picerno said Willis slept for 2 days and left his bedroom “sporadically” on Monday and Tuesday.

It isn’t clear who removed the beer bottles from the house or the backyard.

Family members believe the beer bottles could potentially contain traces of fentanyl.

Clayton McGeeney’s cousin Caleb told NewsNation that Willis was dubbed “the Chemist” by classmates.

“They all knew him as that. It was easy for them to go have fun, but he f—ed up, he made a mistake,” Caleb said.

“Jordan is somebody that is known from high school as, like, creating drugs for people to make them feel better in certain situations. ‘Okay, well, you wanna do this? I’m gonna make this for you, I’m gonna make this for you’ and handing them out,” he alleged.

“Jordan was the chemist — he’s a scientist, right? He does what he needs to do. And now to use my cousin, my best friend, as a guinea pig? No,” he said, shaking his head.

Meanwhile, a fifth man, Alex Waemer-Lee, said he left the party around midnight Jan. 8, and all three men were alive.

Waemer-Lee said all 4 men were on the sofa watching “Jeopardy” on television when he left.