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There is no denying that blonde Instagram model Courtney Tailor stabbed her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, to death. It's what she did afterwards - and the fact that she's not in jail - that has sparked outrage.

Obumseli, 27, had moved to Miami and was living with Tailor in an apartment at One Paraiso when he was stabbed during an argument on Sunday, April 3.

Miami-Dade County police responded to a 911 call from Tailor and found Obumseli suffering from a stab wound in the shoulder. He was transported to a hospital where he died.

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Tailor, real name Courtney Taylor Clenney, 25, was detained in handcuffs while covered in blood and questioned by police at the scene. She was then taken to a mental health treatment center where she was evaluated and released. She claimed self-defense and was not charged.

Cell phone video posted to Twitter shows Tailor being confronted by a woman in the lobby of Miami's Grand Beach Hotel Friday night.

"Yeah, you should go. Yeah, you should go. 'Cause you just killed your boyfriend. Yeah, you did," the woman tells Tailor, as she walks away with a male friend.

The Twitter user who posted the footage captioned the video:

"Not this fool @CourtneyTailor being out at a bar in Miami like she didn't just kill @TobyObumseli a few days ago... but I thought you were mentally unstable & suicidal? it's the audacity for me."

Civil Rights Attorney Lee Merritt spoke out about the case, suggesting that Tailor's white privilege is the reason why she was not arrested.

According to Merritt, "[Obumseli's] alleged assailant Courtney Taylor Clenney, was not initially arrested or charged by Miami policing authorities." He is representing the Obumseli family.

Shortly after Tailor was released from police custody, she allegedly posted thirst trap photos on Instagram.

Tailor previously bragged that she only dated rich Black men, prior to killing Obumseli.

"Let me clarify, I only date rich Black guys," she said on the "We In Miami Podcast," 2 weeks before Obumseli's death.

"So, you know you're toxic," the host told her.

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Missouri detectives are investigating the death of Asia Maynard, whose body was found in a man's home after they went on a date on Feb. 18.

Police questioned the man who reported Maynard's death, but he was not detained.

Authorities initially said there was no foul play in the death of the mother of four. Her body was found on Feb. 19 at a home in the 8200 block of East 57th Street in southeast Kansas City.

Police did not disclose the cause of death. Unofficially, Maynard died of a drug overdose.

Maynard's family is demanding answers.

Maynard's sister, Teara Maynard, called police to file a missing person's report on Feb. 20. She was later notified that Maynard was found dead.

Teara Maynard believes the man gave her sister drugs that caused her death.

"All we really want is answers of what really happened," Teara Maynard said.

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Maynard's case is drawing similarities to Lauren Smith-Field (pictured), who was also found dead after going on a date with a white man.

The man told officers he woke up next to Lauren, and saw "blood was coming out of her right nostril," and "she was not breathing."

"When we asked about this guy, [the detective said] 'he was a nice guy, there was no need to investigate," Lauren's father, Everett Smith said.

Lauren's family announced a lawsuit against the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut over its investigation into her death. They said Lauren didn't do drugs.

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Two communities are mourning the sudden deaths of two high school basketball players who collapsed and died on the same night.

Devonte Mumphrey, a student at Alto High School, in Texas, collapsed during the second quarter of a basketball game against Mount Enterprise on Tuesday.

Attempts to revive the athlete were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at a local hospital, MSN News reports.

The Alto Independent School District released a statement on its Facebook page, calling Mumphrey's death a "tragic loss" and providing "Grief counselors and local pastors" for students and staff.

Mumphrey was the second basketball player to collapse and die suddenly during a game on Tuesday.

Cameran Wheatley, a 17-year-old senior at Breman High School in Midlothian, Ill., traveled to Chicago with the basketball team for a game against Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, ABC7 reported.

Cameran collapsed during the game and was immediately transported to Christ Hospital, with an EMT performing CPR, but he was pronounced dead.

Students learned about his tragic death from their teachers Wednesday.

"He worked hard at basketball. I feel bad for him cause he's only 17," said Joey Chicocki, a student.

"We are extremely saddened by the loss of our student-athlete," Breman High School's principal said in a statement. "He has been a great role-model in every sense and he will be missed."

Both families told reporters the teenagers did not have pre-existing medical conditions.


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Lauren Smith-Field's family announced a lawsuit against the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut over its investigation into her death.

The 23-year-old college student's body was found in her apartment on Dec. 12, reportedly after she went on a date with a white man she met on the dating app Bumble.

The man, later identified as Matthew LaFountain, told officers he woke up next to Lauren, and saw "blood was coming out of her right nostril," and "she was not breathing."

However, Lauren's family said she wasn't into drugs and they questioned why police didn't investigate LaFountain.

"When we asked about this guy, [the detective said] 'he was a nice guy, there was no need to investigate," Lauren's father, Everett Smith said.

The family says the state laboratory never received physical evidence from Lauren's apartment, including a pill used as a sedative, a condom and "a round bloodstain in the middle of [Lauren's] bed."

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The family accused the Bridgeport Police Dept. of violating Lauren's civil rights and engaging in an intentional "lack of humanity," for their daughter.

They said they learned of her death from a note taped on her apartment door — from her landlord — with a phone number to call.

Lauren's distraught brother posted a photo of a man he alleges is LaFountain on his Instagram page. In text over the photo, he wrote "This is Matthew LaFountain of Milford, CT. This is the "nice guy" Bridgeport Police Department failed to investigate after receiving a 911 call from him about my beautiful sisters' passing. Since when do you not question that last person to be with the deceased?"

Social media users allege Lauren worked as an escort to pay her college tuition and living expenses.

The family held a rally for Lauren in Bridgeport on Sunday, her 24th birthday.

"No one is going to discard my daughter like she is rubbish," said her emotional mother, Shantell Fields.

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An Instagram model from Atlanta was reportedly found dead in a hotel room in Ghana after flying to the West African country to visit a local billionaire.

Dasani Williams, whose username is Tyger Booty, was found dead in her hotel room in Accra, Ghana, according to

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Information is scarce, but investigators suspect a possible drug overdose. However, Williams' friends suspect foul play or suicide.

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Williams was a popular model on Instagram and adult websites that cater to men who pay for explicit images and videos.

According to Ghanaweb, Williams was in the country to "give pleasure to the big men at the parties she was billed to attend during the holiday season."

The billionaire who allegedly flew Williams to Ghana to service his friends has not been identified.

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British Airways confirmed four fully vaccinated pilots died within a month after receiving the Covid-19 spike protein gene therapy injections.

However, British Airways claims the experimental injections had nothing to do with their untimely deaths.

According to Facebook posts, the four pilots were in their 40s and 50s and in good health.

An audio recording of a male who spoke to a "friend who's a BA pilot" explains "things are getting crazy" after three fellow pilots passed away.

The man stated BA pilots are fearful after receiving the shots.

The audio recordings have been marked as "false" on (listen here).

Someone tweeted an image that showed four framed photos of the pilots and condolence books on a desk. The photos and condolence books have been confirmed by British Airways as authentic.

"The spokesperson, however, confirmed the authenticity of the four condolence books, as four company pilots had recently passed away. 'Our thoughts are with their family and friends,' they said, adding that none of the deaths was linked to vaccines." (Reuters)

Reuters news agency published a statement from British Airways denying reports that the airline is in "crisis talks" with the British government after forcing all of its pilots to take the injections.

(See the statement here)

Health organizations, such as the CDC, labeled gunshot wounds and car accidents as Covid-related last year, However, they vigorously deny any deaths related to the mRNA vaccines.

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An aspiring rapper who was knocked out by rapper DaBaby in a Louis Vuitton store in 2019 has died.

Cam Coldheart, real name Cameron Devon Henegan (pictured right), died on April 24, his family confirmed on social media. He was 33.

Henegan was found dead in his home. His cause of death has not been released, but the Internet is speculating that he died from a drug overdose.

Henegan's aunt, who uses the handle @Empress_tia on Instagram, told a follower her nephew was drugged at a club the night before."

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Henegan is best known as the rival rapper who was knocked out by DaBaby and his crew at a Louis Vuitton store.

Viral video of the incident showed Hennegan on the floor with a bloody nose. His pants were down around his ankles.

Hennegan later claimed the fight was staged by himself and DaBaby.

"It's time to tell y'all what really happened. What's really going on in the Charlotte music scene? It was fake. It was a hoax, n***a. Some parts was real, but it was definitely heavily fabricated after the fact," says Coldheart about the fight. "That's Hollywood for you. Everything I said after that shit happened, everything on the internet for the past year was for money, you feel me. N***a in Hollywood you have to put on a show to make money, you hear? This rap shit is not street. It's about money, period. We done got all the media money. So now back to reality. I don't even know how you guys didn't even know."



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An independent autopsy ordered by Quawan Charles' family confirmed a preliminary autopsy report that his cause of death was drowning.

Quawan, 15, disappeared from his father's home in Baldwin, Louisiana on October 30. His bloated body was found 4 days later in a sugar cane field.

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The initial autopsy conducted by the coroner's office in Iberia Parish, LA. found water in the boy's lungs and determined the cause of death was drowning.

American forensics, the agency that performed the second autopsy, also say that the initial autopsy was thorough, according to TMZ. The second autopsy mentions no sign of trauma or natural disease, and that the body was "undergoing decompositional changes upon arrival."

But Quawan's family and friends refused to accept the findings of the preliminary autopsy report.

They believed he was murdered, citing a grisly photo circulating online that showed facial mutilation similar to the damage caused by small animals or marine life nibbling on his face after death.

The family's attorney tells TMZ he's troubled by the Sheriff's Office's slow response in finding Quawan -- noting it took them a total of 4 days just to ping his phone on Nov. 2, which led them to his body the next day.

A final report is pending toxicology results.

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New details have emerged in the mysterious death of a Louisiana teenager. The family of Quawan "Bobby" Charles tells KATC they were told by investigators that Bobby drowned, but the family is skeptical.

Bobby was reported missing from his home in Baldwin on Oct. 30 and his body was found in a sugarcane field 30 miles away on Nov. 3.

Bobby's parents said he was last seen alive around 4 p.m. He had moved in with his father only two weeks prior to his disappearance.

The father, who is separated from Bobby's mother, told police he went to the store at 4 p.m., and upon returning home a few minutes later he knocked on Bobby's locked bedroom door but there was no response.

He said he used a tool to force the bedroom door open and discovered the boy was gone.

Friends say Bobby left home with a 17-year-old friend and his mother. But Bobby's father said his son did not have any friends.

Family members and activists believe Bobby was murdered. They cite a grisly photo of his body circulating online.

The body shows evidence of facial mutilation similar to the damage caused by nibbling marine life when a body is submerged in water.

The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office is handling the investigation.

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A nurse serial killer was arrested and charged with the murder of 8 babies in her care at Countess of Chester Hospital in Chester, England.

Lucy Letby was initially arrested in 2018 on suspicion of murdering multiple infants over a 3-year period at the hospital. She was arrested again in 2019 after police conducted a search of her home and turned up evidence in the suspected murders of 3 additional babies after 2018.

Letby, who was released twice on bond, was arrested a third time this week and charged with an additional 6 murders and nine attempted murders of premature newborns.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Hughes said "a team of detectives" worked on the case to bring Letby to justice.

The majority of babies who died in Letby's care were premature newbies in neonatal units. The unusually high number of infant deaths in 2015 prompted the hospital to close its neonatal unit and move newborns to other facilities while an investigation was underway.

The hospital has since stopped caring for babies born before 32 weeks of pregnancy.

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Family handout

An Alabama State University student who went missing for 5 days has been found dead. The body of Adam "Belle" Dowdell Jr. was found behind a church on the 800 block of Hutchinson Street about 2:45 p.m Monday.

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Dowdell, 22, graduated from Montevallo High School, where he played on the boys football team. He was a second-year student majoring in physical education at Alabama State University in downtown Montgomery.

Dowdell left his dorm around 8 p.m. Tuesday to get money from an ATM, but his friends say he never returned.

His mother, Toya Cohill, says Dowdell did not have a car on campus. She said he and a friend went to get cash from an ATM machine.

Cohill said she last spoke to her son on Monday, and his siblings spoke with him the following day. But on Wednesday, she got messages from friends saying he hadn't returned to his dorm and no one had heard from him.

"I've slept three hours a day," Cohill said. Cohill and relatives made the 70-mile trip to Montgomery from the Alabaster area, where Dowdell is from.

He left his backpack and cell phone charger in his room and his relatives were unable to track his phone because the battery was dead.

Montgomery police Capt. Saba Coleman said the circumstances of Dowdell's death are under investigation. No other information was released and there are no suspects.

ASU President Quinton T. Ross Jr. released a statement on Monday.

"We all had hoped for a different outcome," Ross said. "Losing a student is always difficult, and the Hornet Nation is in mourning over his death. Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with Adam’s mother and the rest of his family and friends as they face this tragic loss."

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 334-215- STOP, Secret Witness at 334-625-4000 or Montgomery Police at 334-625-2831.

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The half-brother of Robert Fuller, the 24-year-old Black man who was found hanging from a tree in Palmdale, Calif. last week, was shot dead by Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriffs on Wednesday.

Terron Boone was fatally shot by deputy sheriffs around 4:30 p.m. in a parking lot in Rosemond (Kerne County), about 20 miles north of Palmdale.

A shootout occurred as sheriff's attempted to pull over a car that Boone was a passenger in.

Police allege that Boone opened fire on the deputies who returned fire. The woman driver was shot in the chest. She was treated for a gunshot wound at a local hospital and released late Wednesday, police say.

A 7-year-old girl was also in the car but she was uninjured, according to reports.

Boone faced multiple charges of assault, domestic violence, criminal threats and kidnapping, according to the LA Times.

Fuller was discovered hanging from a tree in front of Palmdale City Hall in Poncitlán Square around 3:39 a.m. Friday, June 12.

Authorities initially said Fuller committed suicide, but a Los Angeles coroner walked back the suicide theory.

A full investigation is underway into the case.

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Police will investigate the death of Robert Fuller, a 24-year-old Black man, who was found hanging from a tree in Southern California early Friday.

Fuller was found hanging in a park in front of Palmdale City Hall in Poncitlán Square around 3:39 a.m.

Authorities initially believed Fuller committed suicide. The body showed no signs of a struggle and the scene was undisturbed, which would have indicated others hoisted his body into the tree.

But Fuller’s sister, Diamond Alexander insisted her brother was not suicidal.

Sheriff's Captain Ron Shaffer said homicide detectives are now investigating the circumstances leading to his death to determine if foul play was involved.

The news comes after police confirmed a second Black man was found hanging from a tree on May 31 in Victorville - about 45 miles east of Palmdale.

San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Jodi Miller said foul play was not suspected in Harsch's death.

Harsch, 38, was found hanging from a tree near the Victorville City Library.

On Saturday, hundreds of protesters gathered under the tree where Fuller's body was found.

After placing a memorial with balloons and flowers, the crowd marched from the park to the sheriff's station. Many carried signs that read "Justice for Robert Fuller."

More than 100,000 people signed an online petition demanding a full investigation into Fuller's death.

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Tyler Perry's family members are mourning the death of his nephew, who hanged himself in his prison cell on Tuesday night.

The family is demanding answers after the actor and director's nephew, Gavin Porter, committed suicide at a prison facility near St. Helena Parish in Louisiana.

Prison officials insist the 26-year-old inmate hanged himself in his cell, according to TMZ, but Perry's sister, who is the dead man's mom, isn't convinced he took his own life.

Sources tell TMZ Porter was placed in solitary confinement after fighting with another inmate over the weekend.

Gavin was arrested for shooting and killing his biological father in 2016. He pleaded no contest to manslaughter and was sentenced to 20 years.

Perry has yet to comment on the family tragedy.