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“Bold & Bougie” star Tameka Foster dragged YouTube vlogger Funky Dineva for disrespecting her.

According to YouTube vlogger Michelle “ATLien” Brown, Dineva went in on Tameka after she attended the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

Prince Williams/FilmMagic

Apparently, Funky Dineva dissed Tameka after her ex-husband, Usher, blamed his fans for ruining their marriage.

Usher said the fans didn’t like the fact that Tameka was dark-skinned. What a colorist thing for Usher to say.

In a direct diss to Dineva, Tameka wrote: “Disrespectful AF, Funny, I was just reminiscing about the true meaning go friends and respect — concepts as foreign to you as fiscal responsibility and decent housing seem to be.”

That last part was a dig at Dineva after Michelle evicted him from her townhouse for refusing to pay rent.

Tameka continued:

“It’s fascinating how you’ve appointed yourself the arbiter of beauty and age, considering your own mirror must surely be cracked as your sense of loyalty. Stretch marks? Darling, those are the badges of a life fully lived, a concept you might struggle to grasp from your high horse of borrowed stables.”

Tameka went on to say she would never walk in Dineva’s shoes because he doesn’t own a pair she would want to wear.

She concluded her missive by calling Dineva a “B*tcha** MF.”

Tameka’s read was very satisfying.

Speaking of shameless liars: a good friend whispered in my ear that Ts Madison did not win a Grammy Award or an Emmy last month.

Remember, he posted an Instagram photo of himself holding an Emmy Award.

If you recall, your Auntie wrote:

“Cross-dresser Ts Madison won his first Emmy for “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” He is 2 trophies away from EGOT status.”

Again, that’s a lie, according to my source, who wrote:

“He definitely worked on an “Emmy award winning show” and his sound bite was featured on Beyonce’s Grammy award winning album but he didn’t actually win those awards and isn’t even acknowledged as winning one in their records.”

Check out ATLien’s livestream about the Funky Dineva and Tameka drama below.