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New Jersey native @iamSebastien runs INCHES, the #1 gourmet hot dog restaurant in Atlanta. Sebastien says business is great after his menu went viral on Instagram.

The restaurant’s slogan is: “Atlanta’s #1 Gourmet Hot Dog Where Size Matters.”

Inches serves 100% gourmet beef & vegan hot dogs to make your mouth water.

Sebastien’s hot dog menu is chocked full of provocative-sounding items, such as “Ding A Ling” wiener, “Slob On the Knob,” “Doggy Style,” and “Mandingo.”

If you’re really adventurous, try the vegan “Raw Dawg” wiener.

The restaurant’s “Sneaky Link” hours are Thursday to Friday, 8a-2a.

Sebastien gave up working for others and decided to open his own business after moving to Atlanta.

Sebastien is currently single and free of distractions, which is important when you’re growing your wealth.

“A year ago I decided to pump the breaks on where my life was heading in career and my love life. This led me to break off a 6-year relationship and leaping into the world of singledom,” he wrote on his personal website.

Order your Sneaky Links gourmet hot dogs HERE.