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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis went viral on Thursday after she appeared to wear her pink dress backwards in court.

Conservatives on Twitter/X claimed Willis’s ill-fitting dress was on backwards because the zipper was in the front.

One popular conservative blogger posted a photo of Willis, alongside an image of an Adrianna Pappell dress that looked similar to the one Willis wore.

The Adrianna Pappell frock features a tie waist and a zipper in the back. The blogger captioned her post, “Fani Willis wore her dress backwards today [laughing crying emoji].

Photo may have been deleted

But other Twitter users noted that Willis’ dress was not the Adrianna Pappell dress that retailed for $149.

One Twitter/X user found the correct dress on Amazon that retails for $42 plus shipping.

“For everything Fani Willis did wrong yesterday… she at least didn’t have the dress on backwards,” the user wrote.

Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee heard arguments over motions to disqualify Willis on Thursday.

Willis surprised her own lawyer and the judge when she strolled into court Thursday and demanded to testify, against her lawyer’s advice.

Willis was angry, emotional and argumentative with defense counsel Ashleigh Merchant.

Court observers say Willis was anxious to testify Thursday because Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade threw her under the bus during his earlier testimony.

Wade said Willis repaid him “in cash” for luxury trips they took together to Aruba, Napa Valley, and Belize.

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Wade said he didn’t deposit the cash in a bank and he had no receipts.

Willis confirmed Wade’s statement, saying she paid him back for airline tickets and cruises.

“He tells me how much it is and I give him the money back,” Willis said, using street lingo. “I don’t do my friends like that. So if you tell me it’s a G then you gon’ get a thousand dollars.”

The disqualification hearing continued on Friday without Willis, who chose not to testify.