Photo may have been deleted

All of the blogs are buzzing over rapper Drake leaking his own s*x tape online.

Women say his plumbing is definitely from the Memphis side of the family.

While men who saw the video expressed their admiration for Drake.

One user wrote: “I showed my Girlfriend that Drake leak video and she said “never seen this kinda d!ck in my life.”

While another person wrote: “She stopped texting me… She most have seen the Drake leak.”

Photo may have been deleted

Drake gave fans a glimpse of what he was working with in a series of sweaty bathroom selfies last year.
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But the video leak is the first real look at what Drake has to offer.

Drake responded to the uproar with a snarky post on Instagram.

“I wasn’t hiding my meat from the world. I was hiding the world from it – Papi.”

Photo may have been deleted

Twitter/X is busy deleting all copies of the video. But fans are putting up links faster than Twitter can take them down.

Twitter/X might disable a search for Drake’s name. They did the same for Taylor Swift after someone posted nude AI photos of her on Twitter/X. is a family-oriented blog. But you can easily find the video online if you know where to look.