Photo may have been deleted

MSNBC host Joy Reid denies cursing at President Biden on a hot mic last month.

Reid dropped the F-bomb during the January 29 episode of “The Reid Out.”

Photo may have been deleted

After criticizing the Republicans for trying to end the border crisis, Reid played a video of Biden.

“And Congress needs to get it done,” Biden said.

That’s when Reid said “starting another f***ing war.”

Reid denied cursing at Biden during an appearance on ABC’s “The View” on Monday.

The View co-host Sara Haines asked Reid to comment on her criticism of Biden:

HAINES: Now Joy, I want to ask you because as people that wear microphones every day, we can relate to this. But last week, you had a hot mic moment that got some attention. Let’s just say you used some colorful language. Who doesn’t?

REID: Not me. I’m a Christian.

HAINES: It seems like you are criticizing President Biden for starting another war. I don’t think you’re alone in concerns of that, but is that true? Like, what was behind this?

Reid: Well, I’m going to hit that with a cute ‘no comment.’

Reid went on to say she was a “study-war-no-more kind of Christian” who opposes all wars.

She criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott for “literally trying to start a civil war” on the border.

“There’s literally a bill that [Senate Republicans] could pass and do the border issue,” she said.

The $118 billion border bill Reid referred to includes $60 billion in military aid for Ukraine and $20 billion in “border investments”, according to the NY Times.

Senate Republicans in Congress blocked the border bill. “This will not pass,” Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn., told Fox News Digital on Tuesday.

Gov. Abbott, a Republican, defied Biden by installing razor wire at Eagle Pass on the U.S. border.

Biden gave Abbott 48 hours to take the razor wire down. But the deadline passed without further threats from the White House.

Border patrol agents reports that border crossings dropped from thousands to just three crossings at Eagle Pass, Texas.