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King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer after undergoing a procedure for an enlarged prostate on January 19.

Buckingham Palace announced the news on Monday. King Charles was not diagnosed with prostate cancer, the palace said.

Charles, 75, was crowned King after his mother Queen Elizabeth II died from natural causes in September 2022.

According to the Associated Press, King Charles was “triple vaccinated” when he contracted COVID for the second time in 2022.

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Kate Middleton spent 2 weeks in a hospital after undergoing “unplanned” abdominal surgery last month. She is at home and recovering.

Unfounded rumors circulated online that Kate was in a coma while in the hospital.

Other unconfirmed rumors claim that Kate was diagnosed with cancer and underwent a hysterectomy.

Princess Kate, 42, is also fully vaccinated. Kate and Prince William recorded a PSA urging Britons to get vaccinated.

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The Prince warned that social media is “awash” with “rumors and misinformation” about the MRNA vaccines.

“We have to be a little bit careful who we believe and where we get our information from”, he said.

Royal observers note that cancer runs in the Royal Family.

Queen Elizabeth was diagnosed with multiple forms of cancer throughout her reign on the throne.


According to Us Weekly, other royals recently diagnosed with cancer include Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York.

Sarah, who was married to Prince Andrew, announced her breast cancer diagnosis in June 2023. Less than a year later, she revealed a diagnosis of skin cancer.

Sarah, 64, is also fully vaccinated, according to reports. readers wish King Charles, Princess Kate and Sarah Ferguson a speedy recovery.