Photo may have been deleted

Keke Palmer shared photos and videos from her son Leodis’s first birthday on social media.

She captioned the post on Twitter/X: “Happy Birthday to My Son! He’s 1 today.”

The actress wrote on Instagram: “I gave LIFE! Greatest day of my life. Nothing else matters.”

Photo may have been deleted

But her followers noticed a slight defect in one of the baby’s eyelids.

When one follower asked about Leo’s drooping eyelid, Keke responded, “He has a lazy eye like me.”

In another post, Keke wrote: “Leo Beo!! Happy Birthday son I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.”

“You came into my life today at 3:25pm, but I knew even before then that you were the strongest person I ever knew,” Palmer added. “There were so many moments during my pregnancy where your silent strength would give me peace. This is something you still do just with your mere existence!”

Keke went to say that, even though her life is in tatters, Leodis makes her life “so worth living.”

“I have just always been so annoyed by it and the ups and the downs and it has always seemed so painful for trivial reasons. Things could be so simple and they’re not and that always gave me a bitter feeling,” she wrote. “But since you my son, I have no confusion on why I am here! On my purpose or my value or why I should stay. I wanna stay for you. I want to be here to love and protect you and watch you be the good in this world!”

The “Nope” star shares Leodis with her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson. She filed a temporary restraining order against him for physically abusing her and Leodis last year.

A judge upheld the restraining order and granted Keke temporary sole custody of their son.