Macy Gray denies her daughter’s claims that her son, Tracy Melvin Hinds, abused her in her own home.

“Me and my son love each other and he would never think of causing me any physical harm,” Gray, 56, said in a statement to on Tuesday. “Like any family, we have our issues and we’re dealing with it.”


According to court documents obtained by, Aanisah, 29, alleged that Tracy, 28, “got into a physical altercation” with their mom on Saturday.

Aanisah alleged that her brother “followed” and “harassed” Gray, which “he always does when he drinks.”

She said Tracy “pushed” their mom during the alleged incident. He also “fought” her fiancé Cornel Pearson.

“We waited for the cops to come while he continued to bang on the doors of our rooms looking for confrontation. After he was out of the house, we locked the doors. But he came back through a window and began harassing again. Later he pushed me and has done so many times,” the document reads.

Aanisah alleged similar incidents occurred last year.

“He constantly abuses and fights with all of us, no one has a problem except him,” Aanisah wrote as the reason for her filing.

Aanisah wrote that her mother “wants him gone and will confirm.”


She also noted that she is expecting a baby in September. And she asked the court to order her brother to stay away from her fiancé’s workplace.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court granted the temporary restraining order request until a court hearing scheduled for Feb. 27.

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Gray is pictured in 2005 with her three children and her mom.

Gray is best known for her Grammy-winning song “I Try” from her multi-platinum debut album On How Life Is (1999).