Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Beyonce and Jay Z are moving to Nashville, Tennessee after failing to win Album of the Year as a pop star.

Insiders claim country music has become a full blown passion for the mom-of-three. Beyonce’s country music album Act II: Cowboy Carter sits atop the Billboard chart for the 2nd week in a row.

The “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer hopes her new album will finally fetch the Grammy Album of the Year that she is so desperate for.

From Janet Charlton Hollywood:

Beyoncé is going all in on her re-branding as a country music star. Not only is her debut country album Cowboy Carter topping the charts, but now Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z are shopping for a mansion in Nashville and looking to open up a music venue there as well.

According to my source, Beyoncé is already working on a follow-up country album. This isn’t just a gimmick for her – it’s become a passion.