K. Michelle doesn’t feel protected when her man cries in front of her. The country music star says men are just too soft nowadays.

In a recent discussion with a friend, K. Michelle said, “I just don’t be wanting men to cry because then I don’t feel protected.”

She added she wants to do better and allow her man to express his emotions. “I would like to be better about that, you know? Like, I don’t wanna see…”


When her friend said she should allow her man to be vulnerable, K. Michelle agreed.

“I think men should be able to cry and be vulnerable. For some reason, once they cry, you know what happens to me? I turn into the man. When they cry, I be like (punches the air).”

K. Michelle says a man can cry if there’s a death in the family. “If we both cry. I get it – family – I’m not saying that. But I’m talking to them, like, if something don’t go their way, like cry? But if someone dies in your family, and things like that.”

She said having a bad day is not sufficient reason for men to cry.

“I just don’t be wanting men to cry because then I don’t feel protected… I’m an emotional gangster,” she added.

Question: Do you feel unprotected when your man cries in front of you?