Magic Johnson is patting himself on the back for defying the odds since his HIV diagnosis over 3 decades ago.

Johnson, 64, shocked the world when he announced his HIV diagnosis at a press conference in 1991. Many believed his HIV diagnosis was a death sentence. But the former Lakers star has defied the odds.

“Every time I go to the doctor and my T-cell count is off the charts, that’s when I know I’m good,” Johnson told on April 27.

Johnson takes his fitness routine seriously, waking up at 4 a.m. to start the day. He said his wife, Cookie Johnson, helps him to stay focused.


“I’m stretching, and then I work out for two hours. Then I’m in the office all day, so as long I can continue, and I have been at that pace, it’s been a blessing,” he explained. “So I’ve done my part, the medicine’s done its part, and then my wife stays on me to make sure I’m doing my part.”

Fans praised Johnson on social media. But some Redditors criticized the NBA legend for not acknowledging millions of AIDS victims who died because they didn’t have his money.

One person wrote: “Because of his money, he did get access to pioneering treatment that many others didn’t get.”

Another person wrote: “Having money cures alot.”

While a third person said: “I know its not his fault that there was, and is, a different medical system for the rich as opposed to the rest of us.”