Power couple Magic and Cookie Johnson were spotted leaving Club 55 in Saint Tropez with friends on Tuesday.


Magic and Cookie continue their European holiday after vacationing with actor Samuel L. Jackson in the sunny Greek Islands aboard a rented $1.1 million-a-week yacht.

Jackson joined the fun-loving couple and friends for a wild party on the yacht.

The couple documented their Greek vacation on their social media pages. Magic captioned one photo: "Cookie and I at the famous Church of Three Bells of Fira in the beautiful city Santorini! Behind us you can see a volcano."


On Tuesday, Magic and Cookie popped up in Saint-Tropez in the south of France.


They were spotted with friends on a smaller boat heading to Club 55.



Reality TV star and fashionista EJ Johnson celebrated his 30th birthday with his father Magic Johnson, mom Cookie Johnson, and siblings, Elisa and Andre, at Lavo Ristorante in West Hollywood on Saturday, June 4.


Fans noted that EJ looks more like his mom, Cookie, every day.


EJ's siblings Elisa and Andre attend their brother's 30th birthday dinner at Lavo Ristorante in West Hollywood.


Earlier, Magic celebrated EJ's birthday in a viral tweet that read: "Happy 30th birthday to my incredible son EJ!!! I am so honored and blessed to have you as my son!"

Some Twitter users took offense to Magic referring to his own child as "son" twice in his tweet. Others noted that Magic may be having a tough time coping with EJ's lifestyle, and thus, the emphasis on "son."

Check out more recent photos of EJ below.




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Magic Johnson, his wife, Cookie Johnson and their children Elisa Johnson, EJ Johnson, Andre Johnson and Andre's wife, Lisa Johnson, attended the Apple TV+ premiere of his docuseries, They Call Me Magic, at The Village Regency Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday.

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Magic Jonson and his gender neutral son EJ Johnson attended the Apple TV+ premiere of his "They Call Me Magic" docuseries at The Village Regency Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday.

EJ lost weight and he looks so good! EJ told Fox LA, "Through all of it, he's always been 'dad.' We never understood when I was little why people would faint or cry or scream when they would see him. We're like, he's just a man, what are you freaking out about but after a while, now it makes sense."

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Magic's pals Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union attended the Apple TV+ Premiere of Magic Johnson's 'They Call Me Magic' in Los Angeles. "What Magic has meant to me and my husband and our family is he physically shows up," Gabrielle told Fox LA. "People don't actually show up for anybody these days and he actually shows up every single time for us in literally every area of life."

Music legend Stevie Wonder said about Magic, "I am excited about his story being told by him, excited about being in this celebration. He has definitely written history that will be carried on through the sands of time then he's another person from Michigan."

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NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his well-heeled guest attended the Apple TV+ premiere of his "They Call Me Magic" docuseries at The Village Regency Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday.

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Earvin "Magic" Johnson reminisced on his college and NBA rivalry with Larry Bird in a four-part docuseries on Apple TV Plus titled "They Call Me Magic."

Bird was named national player of the year in 1979 when he led Indiana State University to an undefeated season that ended with a national championship matchup against 6'9" point guard Johnson and Michigan State University.

The 1979 championship game, which Michigan won, is still the most watched NCAA college basketball game in history, according to Johnson.

"Who would've ever thought that game in 1979... would still be the number one watched college basketball game in history," said Johnson.

Magic laughed out loud when asked about the short shorts the NBA players of his era wore

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"Them little hot pants we used to wear. Them shorts were real short back in the day. You got that right," he said.

Magic said he pulled his Michigan State uniform out of a box the other day and marveled at how tiny the shorts were.

"I couldn't even get one foot in those shorts now," he laughed.

Magic said he actually prefers the old school uniforms to the ones the players wear today.

"I actually prefer the way we looked and the way we performed in those little hot pants we used to wear," he said.

Photo may have been deleted

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Will Smith's slap incident at the Oscars has brought back memories for many celebrities and public figures.

In an in-depth Apple docuseries, NBA legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson recalls a time when he wanted to slap radio host Howard Stern for joking about his HIV diagnosis.

In 1998, Johnson hosted his own talk show, "The Magic Hour," which was canceled after just three months.

The show was intended to fill the void left after "The Arsenio Hall Show" was canceled in 1994.

Johnson said that one of his most vocal haters at the time was Howard Stern. So Johnson's producers booked Stern for an appearance on his show.

Stern insulted Johnson by accusing him of "trying to talk like the white man" and suggested he "talk Ebonics."

"I'm Blacker than you are," Stern told the Lakers legend. "I'm the Blackest Black man you'll ever meet." Then Stern uttered the ultimate insult: "At least you had fun getting AIDS."

Johnson reacted calmly - just as Chris Rock did when Will Smith slapped him decades later.

Johnson told Stern that he had HIV, not AIDS.

"I wanted to say something and hit him at the same time — on air," says Johnson. "I was mad when they booked him, but there's nothing you can do. When people look for ratings, this is what happens."

Johnson added: "I've never put myself — or HIV and AIDS, or my race — in that position again, ever again."

Photo may have been deleted


Rapper Plies recently weighed in on the controversy surrounding NBA players who refuse to take the Covid-19 mRNA injections.

Plies, a self-professed RN, made a series of tweets after Magic Johnson spoke out on unvaccinated NBA players such as Kyrie Irving and Jonathan Isaac.

"[They say] 'Magic Johnson, they let him play with full blown HIV.' Bruh, listen, you can't catch no HIV shaking no hands, hugging, coughing, running up and down no court, but you can catch Covid that way. Let's just call it what it is. And I already know the famous line: 'Ah they can be bleeding.' HIV gets transmitted through blood, with needles, with unscreened blood [transfusions], birth, unprotected sex. That's how that get contracted.

"So until players start having babies on the court, or unprotected sex, or sharing needles, the whole blood thing don't work."

Plies went on to say NBA players who are cut on the court are immediately removed from the court.

He concluded: "If you want to make your own rules, just get your own stuff."

Reaction to Plies' comments were mixed. A few said they would take their chances with Covid-19 over an illness that requires taking antivirals for the rest of their lives.

Question: Do you agree with Plies?


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Magic Johnson enjoyed a family holiday with son EJ Johnson and wife Cookie Johnson while sightseeing in Forte dei Marmi, Italy. The NBA legend and family enjoyed a boat ride on the Italian waters.

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EJ Johnson enjoyed thhe sights with his family and a friend in Forte dei Marmi, Italy.


Kevin Hart's wife Eniko Parrish soaked up the sun in a white two-piece during a family getaway in Cabo. Eniko was seen holding her second child, daughter Kaori Mai Hart.


The mom-of-two enjoyed wading in the surf while Kevin's son, Hendrix Hart played in the sand at the beach last week.

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Rap mogul Drake and his son 4-year-old Adonis arrived to the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns Game 6 at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday. Devin Booker, of the Phoenix Suns scored a playoffs career-high 47 points to eliminate the Lakers 4 games to 2 to advance to the second round of the NBA playoffs.


Chris Paul, of the Phoenix Suns, stopped to greet Kendall Jenner, as she waited to scoop up boyfriend Devin Booker outside the Staples Center on Thursday. Immature fans cussed Kendall out for dating the 24-year-old star player who single-handedly eliminated the Lakers from the playoffs.



Magic Johnson and wife Cookie Johnson were spotted leaving the Lakers vs Suns NBA playoffs Game 6 at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday.

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Richland County Council, BACKGRID

A South Carolina councilwoman was indicted and suspended from office after she allegedly used public money to fund a trip to Newark, NJ to meet Magic Johnson.

According to the Post and Courier news outlet, Richland County Council Vice Chairwoman Dahli Myers was indicted on Friday and suspended from office for using her government credit card to pay for trips out of the country, gourmet chocolates, books and a cellphone.

Myers, a Democrat, claimed the trip to Greece was for research to "grow her knowledge about local governments."

She is also charged with using public funds to pay for a trip to Newark, NJ to meet with NBA legend Magic Johnson and retired NFL player Richard Seymour. According to a state grand jury indictment, Myers wanted to speak to the former athletes about something but it's unclear what she met with them to discuss.

"When questioned about the county expenses, Myers, a Hopkins resident who was first elected in 2016, made up false explanations for why the card purchases were legitimate county expenses, the grand jury found. The charges against Myers include misconduct in office, using her government position for personal gain, embezzlement, writing a fraudulent check and misusing her campaign money for personal expenses."

Myers initially agreed to pay the county back for her illegal use of public funds. But she later changed her mind and blamed the county for not monitoring her credit card spending.

"It's not my fault; it's your fault because y'all weren't monitoring my card," Myers reportedly said.

Myers faces a total of 24 charges. She was already set to leave office after her primary defeat.

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Magic Johnson and his wife, Cookie Johnson, celebrated his son EJ Johnson's 28th birthday with an intimate family dinner on June 4.

The next day, the proud father-of-three posted a family photo of EJ and his eldest son, Andre Johnson. Magic and Cookie also have a daughter, Elisa Johnson.

Magic captioned the photo: "The family had an amazing dinner at the house to celebrate E.J.'s birthday yesterday."

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Zaya Wade, 12, made his red carpet debut at a private event with Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union on March 07 in Los Angeles, California.

Wade, 35, posted an Instagram image of Zaya dressed in a multicolor tuxedo at the Better Brothers Los Angeles' 6th annual Truth Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Wade captioned the image:

"Everyone allow her to re-introduce herself her name is Zaya Wade! Last night was Zaya’s first red carpet and we couldn’t have been prouder of how she handled the questions that were asked of her. She has emerged as one of the young faces and voices for the LGBTQ+ community. #truthawards."

Wade's wife, actress Gabrielle Union, 47, posted a video of the family entering the event. Her followers were shocked at the child sashaying in an overly exaggerated sexual manner.

"You're serving fierce runway realness!" one homosexual male follower commented to the adolescent.

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Always Us. Always ??

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Others praised the Wades for not allowing Zaya to wear stereotypical feminine attire. A Hollywood source claims Wade sought advice from NBA legend Magic Johnson, whose son EJ is a cross-dresser.

Magic, 60, reportedly told the Wades they made EJ wait until he was 18 to express his lifestyle by dressing in drag.



Magic Johnson stunned reporters when he announced he was stepping down as the Los Angeles Lakers' President of Basketball Operations on Tuesday. Johnson laughed and joked with reporters, saying he had not yet informed team owner Jeannie Buss of his decision.

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