Photo may have been deleted
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Two-time WNBA champion Kelsey Plum and NY Giants tight end Darren Waller are divorcing after just 9 months of marriage.

Kelsey trended all day Tuesday when she announced the news on Instagram.

“I’m devastated. I walked through fire for that man, but now I see it’s time to go” she wrote in her Instagram Stories.

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“God has given me an incredible life, and I’m truly so grateful for the profound love from my family and my friends.”

Kelsey continued: “One day I’ll share my story, today is not that day. Thank you for the grace to process my pain, to forgive and move forward. Today and every day I will continue to choose joy. Much love KP. Philippians 1:6.”

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Kelsey, 29, scrubbed her Instagram timeline of Darren’s photos, but this photo from their wedding is still on Darren’s IG page.

In an Instagram post, Darren, 31, wrote: “Peace of mind is not a destination to reach; it’s a state of mind to embrace.”

His followers mocked him for letting Kelsey go.

One person wrote: “Kelsey was a baddie and a queen like wtf bro!”

Another follower wrote: “Come on D being in Peace of Mind is being with and loving your wife! Fight for her D.”

And a third person wrote: “it’s on sight for whatever you did to kelsey.”