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Tyrone Blackburn, the lawyer representing Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, says Sean “Puffy” Combs will be indicted soon.

Jones filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Combs on February 26 in the Southern District of New York. The complaint alleged that Combs drugged and groped Jones while they collaborated on an album together.

When Combs failed to settle the lawsuit quickly, Jones amended the complaint to add more names and salacious details.

Photo may have been deleted

Now Blackburn claims Combs and his legal team are waging a “smear campaign” against Jones.

“[Combs’] legal team can do nothing to distract from the fact that he will be indicted soon,” Blackburn told Page Six.

According to Page Six, Combs’ legal team says Jones’ criminal record includes charges for reckless homicide and sexual assault.

Combs claims the criminal charges proves Jones lacks credibility.

Court documents obtained by Page Six revealed Jones was convicted of reckless homicide in 2003.

Other documents show Jones was charged twice with domestic assault — once in 2009 and once in 2014.

He was also charged with misdemeanor sexual assault, but those charges were later dismissed.

Blackburn said “a charge is not a conviction.”

The lawyer also addressed Jones’s reckless homicide conviction.

In 2003, Jones – then 17 – was pulled over by cops for a traffic violation. He panicked and drove off, leading police on a high-speed chase.

“It was pretty typical behavior for a young black boy in Chicago when pulled over by the police,” Blackburn said. “As a result, he totaled the vehicle, and his cousin, who was his best friend, died.”

Blackburn said that Rod “did not have adequate legal representation” at the time and pleaded guilty.

He called Combs’ attempt to smear Jones a “fishing expedition.”

Blackburn also chastised Page Six‘s reporter for digging up Jones’ old criminal records.

“I am sure you know that a charge is not a conviction. So, running this story on behalf of [Combs] is problematic and calls into question your integrity as a journalist,” Blackburn said.