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Nassau County Police, YouTube

The man convicted of killing rapper Nicki Minaj's father in a hit-and-run in February was sentenced to less than 1 year in jail.

Charles Polevich of Mineola, NY will only serve 8 months because he is currently serving time at the Nassau County Correctional Center.

Robert Maraj, 64, was struck and killed as he crossed an intersection on foot in Long Island, NY on Feb. 12, around 6 p.m.

Witnesses said a northbound white Volvo station wagon fled the scene after running over Mr. Maraj.

Polevich, 72, later turned himself in to police after they tracked his car to his home on Feb. 17, Nassau County Police announced.

Nicki has not commented on the sentencing, but she took to social media in February to share a brief message about her dad's untimely death.

"Tho I can't really bring myself to discuss the passing of my father as yet, I can say it has been the most devastating loss of my life. I find myself wanting to call him all the time. More so now that he's gone. Life is funny that way."

She added: "May his soul rest in paradise. He was very loved & will be very missed."

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Actor Kaalan Rashad Walker was convicted Monday of luring multiple women off Instagram and raping them.

Walker, 27, shouted "I didn't rape no one!" as the verdict was read in a Los Angeles courtroom on Monday.

Prosecutors accused the "Superfly" actor and dancer of raping 10 women, one as young as 16 years old, after luring them with promises of meeting rapper Drake and actress Halle Berry.

Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Wallace called Walker a "serial rapist" and said he lied about knowing Drake.

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Walker reportedly created fake verified social media accounts to contact the women on Instagram and Twitter. He used his good looks and connections to Halle to convince the women to hook up with him.

"This was very sophisticated," Wallace told Rolling Stone. "He picked these girls and he appealed to their dreams and hopes and name-dropped Drake and used his connection to Halle Berry to get these girls somewhere and gain their trust. Once they were there, it wasn't about doing photo shoots, it was about assaulting them."

More than 30 Instagram models came forward with allegations of rape and assault by Walker.

Some of his accusers testified against him in open court. Model Jada Everon, now 23, was only 16 years old when Walker contacted her on Instagram.

She told jurors she was raped when she traveling from Fresno to meet him.

Walker is also a rapper whose single "It Could Happen" debuted at number 13 on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart. He toured with G-Eazy, A$AP Ferg, and Schoolboy Q.

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Jussie Smollett released a new single in which he declares his innocence and calls out his enemies who labeled him a pathological liar.

Smollett was convicted in March of lying to Chicago police about a hate crime hoax.

He was sentenced to 150 days in the Cook County Jail, but he only served 6 days. He was released from jail on March 16 while he appeals his conviction.

Smollett sings, "Thank you God for showing me my enemies." He also claimed his lies were corroborated.

"I never played the victim / Just trying to let y'all know / The truth about the distraction political show."

He also sings: "You think I'm stupid enough to kill my reputation?"

Smollett posted the lyrics on his Instagram account.

    "It's like they're hell-bent on not solving the crime / Taking out the elements of race and trans and homophobia that's straight taking lives / But turn around and act like I’m the one that killed the strides."

Smollett said proceeds from the sales of the single will be donated to Rainbow Push Coalition, Secure the Bag Safety and the Illinois Innocence Project.

Click HERE to listen. You must have a Spotify account.

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Rap legend Kidd Creole (right) was convicted of manslaughter in the stabbing death of a homeless man who he believed had made sexual advances.

Kidd Creole, real name Nathaniel Glover, was convicted of manslaughter on Wednesday, April 6, in Manhattan Supreme Court.
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In reporting the conviction, TMZ used a photo of rapper Positive K (left) in place of Kidd's photo.

Prosecutors say Kidd Creole, 62, stabbed John Jolly, 55, during a dispute in 2017. Creole, who was on his way to work, stabbed Jolly after he thought the vagrant had a made a pass at him.

Jolly was transported to a local hospital where he later died.

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Kidd Creole (2nd from right) is an original member of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five with his brother Melle Mel (2nd from left), Scorpio (left), and Raheim (right).

Positive K, born Darryl Gibson, 54, is best known for his rap hits "I'm Not Havin' It" (featuring MC Lyte) and his 1992 hit "I Got a Man."

The two men look distinctly different: The Kidd Creole is light skinned, while K is a few shades darker and nearly a decade younger than Kidd.

NICK HUNT/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Here is the original photo taken from Getty Images' photo archive that shows Positive K (center) posing with Melle Mel (L) and Sway (R). The photo is dated February 26, 2008.

An offended Positive K quickly pointed out TMZ's error in a screenshot on his Instagram account, along with the caption:

"Really @tmz_tv. When did POSITIVE K become Kidd Creole? So now all Black People look alike? You all were the same ones who pronounced the late great DMX deceased days before his death. I thought this was a platform of professional journalists?! But l'm beginning to think that research on a topic, story, or article is not a requirement to intern or be employed at @tmz_tv."

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After 7 days of testimony and three hours of deliberations, a Peach County, Ga. jury found Demarcus Little guilty of felony murder and aggravated assault in the murder of Fort Valley State student Anitra Gunn.

The jury on Tuesday found Little not guilty of malice murder in the death of 23-year-old Anitra, whose body was found in a wooded area near Macon, Ga. on February 18, 2020.

A judge sentenced Little to life without the possibility of parole, according to
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On March 11, the jury heard testimony from Little's best friend Jaivon Abron, who said Little told him he choked Anitra to death on Valentine's Day 2020 after she laughed in his face when he said he loved her.

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Little allegedly told Abron that he "blacked out" and punched Anitra before strangling her. He said she fought back but eventually gave up, and Little felt she wanted to "go home to be with her mom," who died in 2014.

"I don't know what happened," Little told Abron. "I had to get rid of her."

Abron was arrested in February 2020 and charged with making false statements and one count of concealing a death.

Prosecutors say Little was dating 3 women in addition to Anitra.

Little took the stand in his own defense this week and referred to Anitra as his "soul mate". He said they were working on their tumultuous relationship before she died.

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After the verdict was read, the judge heard impact statements from Anitra's family, according to

"The defendant's decision to put his hands around Anitra Gunn's neck and watch the life leave her body, and take the life of a human being with no regards for the effects it may have on others is unimaginable and very devastating," said her godmother. "The name of Anitra Gunn will not go away. We as a family will make sure of that."

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Cook County Jail

Prior to his sentencing hearing on Thursday, Jussie Smollett told his legal team he would probably be jailed because he's Black.

Smollett, who is biracial, was a once popular actor starring in the FOX TV series "Empire" when he claimed he was ambushed on a Chicago street in January 2019 by two men wearing MAGA caps. He claimed the men tied a noose around his neck and poured bleach on him before fleeing into the night.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

In December, Smollett was convicted of committing a class 4 felony for lying to Chicago police. On Thursday he was sentenced to 150 days in the Cook County Jail and ordered to pay $120,106 in restitution and a $25,000 fine.

Brian Cassella-Pool/Getty Images

After the sentencing hearing, Smollett's legal team said he told them he shouted "I'm not suicidal" in the courtroom because he feared he would be found dead in his jail cell, like the late financier Jeffrey Epstein who was found hanging in his Manhattan jail cell on August 10, 2019.

In a statement to the New York Post, the Cooks County Sheriff's Office confirmed on Friday that Smollett, 39, is housed in his own cell in "protective custody" where he is under video monitoring 24/7, per his request.

Additionally, a guard wearing a body cam is stationed at the entrance to his cell to observe the paranoid actor at all times, the New York Post reported.

Smollett is allowed out of his cell during the day to watch TV, eat, and read in a common area near the medical wing. No other inmates are allowed in the common area while he is out of his cell.

The Cook County Jail houses more than 6,000 inmates and is considered the most dangerous jail complex in the country.

Smollett's family posted his quote on his Instagram page, along with the comment: "OUR BROTHER IS INNOCENT AND WE WILL KEEP FIGHTING. #FreeJussie."

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Cook County Jail

Jussie Smollett's first night in the Cook County Jail was "uneventful" according to jail officials.

The disgraced actor shouted "I'm not suicidal!" after Judge James Linn sentenced Smollett to 150 days in jail and ordered him to pay $120,106 in restitution for lying to Chicago police. He was also ordered to pay a $25,000 fine and to provide a sample of his DNA as a convicted felon.

Brian Cassella-Pool/Getty Images

The "Empire" actor wiped away a tear as he listened to his brother, Joel Smollett Jr., plead for leniency for him.

Smollett's sentencing hearing was held at the Leighton Criminal Court Building on Thursday, March 10, following his conviction on 5 of 6 counts of a class 4 felony in December.

The 39-year-old California native was booked into the Cook County Jail on Thursday night. His teary-eyed mugshot photo was released to the news media a few hours later.

The Cook County Jail was also home to R&B singer/songwriter R. Kelly, who is in a Brooklyn federal jail while awaiting sentencing for his racketeering conviction in New York last year.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx lashed out at the special prosecutor who indicted Smollett after Foxx dropped all charges against him in 2019.

In an op-ed for the Chicago Sun-Times, published on March 10, she wrote:

"In Smollett's case, the mob was relentless, organized and effective. A judge appointed a special prosecutor with an unlimited budget to reopen the investigation into a nonviolent Hollywood actor, a complete disregard for the discretion that prosecutors must have to be effective and independent.

"Smollett was indicted, tried and convicted by a kangaroo prosecution in a matter of months. Meanwhile, the families of more than 50 Black women murdered in Chicago over the last 20 years await justice."

She continued:

"What is most frustrating is that my cooperation in a process I knew was illegitimate sets a precedent that can be weaponized against progressive prosecutors determined to break the cycle of inevitable outcomes. Further, I worry it will serve as a deterrent to the next generation of prosecutors eager to fight for critical reforms.

Anyone interested in an equitable system of justice should be worried too."

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Newport News PD

A former U.S. Postal Service mail carrier has been convicted of murdering another postal worker's husband.

Tashara Mone Jackson, 31, was convicted in the April 2021 murder of Salahud-Din Ibn "Sal" Shabazz, the husband of another mail carrier Jacqueline "Jacquie" Shabazz.

Prosecutors say Jackson enlisted a third mail carrier, Jeremy Todd Pettway, 41, to go with her to the Shabazz household in the Menchville area of Newport News, Virginia on April 7.

Once there, Pettway allegedly shot and killed Sal Shabazz in the doorway of his home just after 2 a.m.

A judge declared a mistrial in Pettway's murder case last year, according to Yahoo! News. He was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.

Prosecutors say Jackson had a "long-running feud" with Jacqueline Shabazz that resulted in several workplace incidents. Their feud escalated outside a Newport News nail salon in March 2021. Jackson told police she slashed Jacqueline's tires while she was in the salon getting her nails done.

A few days later, Jacqueline's car was vandalized again in the driveway of her home. The tires were slashed and an object was jammed into the gas tank.

The Shabazzes learned that Jackson was invited to attend a party at Harpoon Larry's restaurant on April 6, and they confronted her there.

Police say Sal pointed a Taser at others while his wife and Jackson fought in the parking lot. Jackson later told police that Sal kicked her during the fight.

The following day, Jacqueline testified that she was on the phone with Sal when she heard a gunshot after he answered a knock on his door about 2 a.m.

Police found Sal dead on the floor in the doorway of his home. Four spent shell casings were found near the body.

Jackson faces life in prison at her sentencing hearing in June. Her accomplice, Pettway will be retried on the first-degree murder charge in early April.

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Pamela Moses, one of the original founders of Black Lives Matter, has been sentenced to 6 years and 1 day in prison.

Moses, 44, was convicted Monday of illegally registering to vote in 2020 despite felony convictions in 2015.

Judge Michael Ward accused Moses of deceiving probation officials by claiming she had completed the terms of her probation. She was sentenced to six years and one day behind bars.

"You tricked the probation department into giving you documents saying you were off probation," Ward said in open court on Monday, according to the Washington Post.

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Shelby County Sheriff

In 2015, Moses pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence and forgery, and to misdemeanor charges of perjury, stalking, theft under $500, and escape. She has 16 prior felonies.

She was placed on probation for seven years and lost her rights to vote as a convicted felon.

Moses insists she didn't actually vote, she just registered. The former Democratic mayoral candidate in Memphis said she was not aware that her rights to vote in Memphis were not restored.

"I relied on the election commission because those are the people who were supposed to know what you know you're supposed to do. And I found out that they didn't know," Moses told WREG.

Moses accused the judge of abusing his authority under color of law to suppress her rights to vote.

"They want to pick and control who the Black leaders are in the South. And they do it through voter suppression," she said. "They suppressed my right to vote forever."

An attorney representing Moses says she will appeal the sentence.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Jussie Smollett's sentencing hearing is set for March 10, 2022.

Judge James Linn will likely sentence Smollett to prison for masterminding the hoax plot.

In December, a jury found Smollett guilty on 5 felony counts of disorderly conduct for lying to Chicago police about a hate crime hoax in January 2019.
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According to the NY Post, Smollett will likely receive less than a year in prison and 5 years probation upon his release.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Smollett, 2nd from left, is best known for his role in Fox TV's soap opera Empire. The show was canceled following Smollett's 2019 arrest in Chicago, where the series was based.

On March 26, 2019, all charges against Smollett were dropped by his friend, state prosecutor Kim Foxx.

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

After a special prosecutor was appointed, Smollett was indicted again on six counts of felony disorderly conduct.

His trial began in November 2021, and on December 9, Smollett was found guilty of five of the six counts.

Smollett, who is openly gay, remained defiant and maintained his innocence after the trial.

Judges who preside over sentencing hearings prefer to see convicted felons show signs of remorse before deciding whether to spare them from doing prison time.

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Federal agents are surprised that rappers Drake and Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, held a concert to help free convicted killer Larry Hoover (pictured right).

According to TMZ, the feds are "pissed" that the music icons held a historic concert to advocate for a convict the government considers the "worst of the worst."


One federal law enforcement source tells TMZ prosecutors are "surprised" to see Drake and Ye throwing so much support behind the #FreeLarryHoover movement, considering the facts of his case.

Hoover was convicted and sentenced to multiple life terms in prison for directing the murder of a Chicago man in 1973.

The man was accused of stealing from Hoover's gang, Chicago's infamous Gangster Disciples. Hoover is credited with founding the Gangster Disciples, aka GD's.

He was already serving 150-200 years in prison for the murder, when the feds indicted and convicted Hoover for drug conspiracy, extortion and engaging in organized crime. In 1997, he began serving 6 life sentences in a federal Supermax prison.


Hoover will never see the light of day, but his supporters -- including Drake and Ye -- believe his federal sentence is too harsh -- especially considering his federal crimes were related to drug distribution and trafficking.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The feds acknowledge many low-level drug dealers received draconian prison terms in the '80s and '90s. An example is Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a life sentence for drug trafficking when she was freed by former President Donald Trump.

Ye asked Trump to pardon Hoover back in 2018, but the former President denied his request.

And just this past summer the federal parole board denied Hoover's request for a compassionate release. The 71-year-old has been in prison for 48 years.


Federal sources tell TMZ that Ye, Drake and others would be better served helping other inmates besides Hoover.

Watch the full concert below.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Jussie Smollett went from celebrated LGBT+ star to convicted felon following a tense moment in a Chicago courtroom on Thursday night.

A majority white jury found Smollett guilty of 5 counts of disorderly conduct for lying to Chicago police.

Smollett, 39, was on trial for lying about a racist, homophobic hate crime that police say he orchestrated against himself with the help of two pals.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Despite the guilty verdict, the leaders of Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles say they still stand with the disgraced actor.

"So let's be clear: we love everybody in our community. We can never believe police, especially the CPD over Jussie Smollett, a Black man who has been courageously present, visible, and vocal in the struggle for Black freedom," BLM LA leader Melina Abdullah said before the verdict.

Now, after the verdict, Abdullah tells TMZ she has not changed her stance.

She says Smollett still has their full support. Abdullah says the organization refuses to abandon its people and stands on the principle that the justice system is corrupt, according to TMZ.


Smollett faces up to 15 years in prison when he is sentenced in an upcoming hearing. He is currently free while he awaits sentencing.

Court observers say the judge may consider a perjury charge against Smollett for lying under oath when he repeatedly said, "There was no hoax."

A perjury charge would guarantee prison time for the former "Empire" actor.

The judge may also order him to pay $130,000 in restitution to Chicago PD to cover its expenses for investigating the hoax.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Update 2: Jussie Smollett has been found guilty on the first 5 counts and not guilty on the 6th count. He was charged with 6 felony counts of lying to police.

He faces 15 years in prison on the first 5 counts. He could also be sentenced to probation.

Update 1: Jussie Smollett just arrived to a Chicago courthouse to hear the verdict in his hate crime hoax case.

On Wednesday, Judge James Linn told Smollett and his attorneys to be in the courtroom within 30 minutes of the announcement that a verdict has been reached.

That was over an hour ago.
Orginally posted on Dec. 9:

After 2 days of deliberations, the jury has reached a unanimous verdict in the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax trial.

If found guilty, Smollett, 39, could be sentenced to a maximum of 18 years in prison or probation.

During the trial, a smug Smollett testified there was no hoax and he really was assaulted by a man who had intimate relations with him.

Smollett also exposed his former pal, CNN anchor Don Lemon who told him the Chicago police didn't believe his story.

Lemon didn't disclose that to his viewers, but he did say he was in close contact with Smollett in the days before his arrest.

Smollett was charged with six counts of lying to police, saying he was assaulted by two white supremacists. He claimed the white supremacists yelled "This is MAGA country," tied a noose around his neck and poured bleach on him.

Nigerian brothers Olabinjo and Abimbola "Abel" OSundairo told police Smollett paid them $3,500 to gently assault him.

Prosecutors say Smollett orchestrated a homophobic, racist attack against himself to raise his profile in the TV and movie industry.

Even before the verdict was reached on Thursday, Smollett was shopping projects around and found financing for a TV project starring himself.

Black Lives Matter expressed support for the openly gay actor. A BLM spokesperson said: "We can never believe police, especially the Chicago Police Department over Jussie Smollett, a Black man who has been courageously present, visible, and vocal in the struggle for Black freedom."

Twitter users expressed skepticism.

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Lil Durk's fiancée, India Cox reportedly exchanged gunfire in a shootout with several home invaders near Atlanta on Sunday morning, July 11.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, both Lil Durk, 28, and India, 26, discharged their firearms. But sources say only India fired her weapon.

The couple's toddler daughter was in the home at the time, but she was uninjured.

Prince Williams/

Durk, real name Durk Banks, is awaiting attempted murder charges in Atlanta and is prohibited from owning or discharging a firearm.

The couple allegedly awoke to the sound of intruders breaking into their rented mansion at 5 a.m. in the Chateau Elan neighborhood of Braselton, Ga., about an hour northeast of Atlanta.

After they exchanged gunfire with the suspects, the intruders fled the home and remain at large. No injuries were reported.

Police say the home invasion was not random and the couple was targeted.

The home break-in occurred hours after federal agents allegedly "raided" Durk's home following a shooting in Atlanta. There were no charges.

Speculation is running rampant that Durk is a federal "snitch" since he was not arrested for having firearms in his home as a convicted felon.

Durk is out on bond following his arrest on attempted murder charges in 2019. Also arrested on the same charge was fellow Chicago gangster rapper King Von, who was killed outside a lounge in downtown Atlanta in November 2020.

Durk's older brother, OTF DThang, born Dontay Banks Jr., 32, was shot and killed following an argument at a strip club near Chicago in June.

David Becker/WireImage

Rapper Mally Mall was sentenced to nearly three years behind bars after pleading guilty to running an illegal prostitution ring in Nevada.

The Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star, who pleaded guilty in October 2019, will serve 33 months behind bars for running the prostitution business over 12 years - from April 2002 to September 2014.

Mall, real name Jamal Rashid, was originally set to be sentenced in January 2000, but the Covid outbreak delayed his sentencing.

David Becker/WireImage

Rashid is pictured with LHHH cast member Nikki Mudarris in a photo dated Feb. 21, 2015.

Federal prosecutors in Nevada say the 44-year-old rap producer owned several prostitution rings disguised as escort services in Clark County.

He used paid websites "to advertise the victims for prostitution purposes," the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Nevada said in a statement.

Prosecutors say he manipulated and "exploited hundreds of female victims, imposing rules and threatening them so that they would prostitute for him".

Rashid also "encouraged victims to get tattoos of him to demonstrate their loyalty, and led many of them to believe he would advance their careers in show business", prosecutors said.