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ABC News Meteorologist Ginger Zee wrote an open letter to the “folks” who broke into her car in Oakland, California this week.

Instead of demanding tougher crime laws, Zee expressed sympathy for the criminals in an open letter on Instagram.

She wrote, “it makes me sad for the folks that do this.”

Zee said she parked her rental car across the street from a salad joint where she stopped to grab food and use the restroom.

She shared a photo of the broken driver’s side window and her personal effects scattered inside the vehicle.

Zee noted that the items the “folks” stole can be replaced, but some items were personal to her.

“Smash & grab was NOT what we had on our bingo card … that’s for sure. Grateful to be safe, the stuff they stole will be replaced… but it makes me sad for the folks that do this. Whatever circumstance gets someone to that choice of crime, I hope you know you stole things that are very meaningful to me too- items my kids made me I travel with etc, passport, my glasses – all of which I’m sure is trashed and the tech is being sold.”

Zee noted that rental cars were being targeted by the folks who robbed her.

“Something we learned and I want to pass on: they have been targeting rental vehicles & specifically hatchbacks,” she wrote. “Our items were not in plain sight, low, covered etc and we were only grabbing food and using the bathroom. 20 min tops.”

She concluded: “Lesson learned: bring everything inside with you at all times no matter where you are. #robbed #smashandgrab #carthief @lmgriswold.”