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A small amount of marijuana was found in a car that Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice was driving during a hit-and-run accident.

Dashcam video shows Rice and others leaving the scene of the accident on a freeway in Dallas, Texas on Saturday evening.

Rice met with Dallas police on Wednesday and admitted he was driving a black Lamborghini Urus that caused the accident.

Rice and the driver of a black Corvette were racing on the freeway when they lost control. The Lamborghini struck the median center wall and both vehicles hit 4 other cars on the highway.
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Rice owns the Corvette and he leased the Lamborghini. Both vehicles were abandoned on the highway after the crash. Police say Rice and 5 others walked away without exchanging insurance information with the other drivers.

Leaving the scene of an accident with injuries is a felony in Texas.

Police found 10.8 grams of marijuana in the Lamborghini along with credit cards, a check for $16,500, a diamond chain and a Kansas City Chiefs playbook. That amount constitutes a felony in Texas, according to WFAA.

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According to CBS 19 in Dallas, police also found marijuana in the Corvette.

Rice’s attorney, Royce West, did not mention the marijuana when he spoke with the news media on Thursday.

West slammed the news media for covering the hit-and-run accident, but not Rice’s “entire body of work.”

“Why don’t you do a story of who he is, as opposed to what occurred?” West asked. “Because it seems as though what you’re saying is based on this one incident, you’re going to define him based on this incident, as opposed to his entire body of work.”

He added: “I would say each and every one of you, if all of us had to be defined by one incident, that would be ridiculous, as opposed to our entire body. So I’d ask that you as the media, look at his entire body of work before saying exactly who he is. That will be better.”

West said charges are expected to be filed against his client. Medical marijuana is legal in Texas, but recreational weed is illegal.

Police have not spoken with anyone other than Rice. West said Rice promised to help anyone who was injured in the accident.