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WNBA star Caitlin Clark was injured during Monday night’s game between the Indiana Fever and Connecticut Sun.

Clark ran into a nasty pick set by a Sun player. She twisted her ankle and left the game in the first half.

Sportswire via Getty Images

Clark was also taken down on Sunday when New York Liberty star Breanna Stewart set a hard pick.

“Never seen a savior of a league get treated like this,” Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy tweeted on Sunday.

Portnoy also noted that the league’s statistician invented new stats for Clark — such as bad passes being called “turnovers”.

“The statistician at the WNBA adds ‘bad pass’ to the sheet. This is something we’ve never seen before,” wrote one blogger.

The blogger added: “Hint – if the ball hits your teammate’s hands it’s not your fault if they can’t catch the ball.”

Despite the Fever’s 0-3 start, Clark has set records in her first 3 games.

She also set a league record for the most tickets sold to a WNBA game in its 27 year history.

According to Spotify’s Bri Lewerke, the New York Liberty and Indiana Fever game sold out the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, which holds nearly 18,000 people. The game drew over $2 million in ticket sales.

After Clark’s WNBA debut last week, sports writers breathlessly reported that she had “10 turnovers.”

In fact, her “turnovers” were passes that her teammates couldn’t handle.

But wait, it gets worse. Her teammates refuse to shoot the ball when they do catch one of Clark’s passes.

Clark delivered a perfect pass to a teammate who gave up a chance at an easy layup.

Fans complain that the WNBA is sabotaging Clark because she’s white, Christian and heterosexual.

The Indiana Fever is again the worst team in the WNBA with an 0-3 record. Maybe Clark should sit out the rest of the season. Then the players who hate her can go back to flying on commercial airlines.