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CNN’s ambush-style interview with Cam’ron ended abruptly on Monday. The 48-year-old rapper-turned-podcaster slammed CNN anchor Abigail “Abby” Phillip for asking him about Sean Combs.

Abby asked Cam’ron leading questions about Combs’ abusive relationship with ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura. But Cam’ron was annoyed by her questions and didn’t play along.

Abby then tried to appeal to Cam’ron’s emotions, but that didn’t end well.

“Did you recognize that Sean Combs?” she asked. Cam’ron claimed he didn’t know Combs. He mentioned that he was “totally against” domestic violence and human trafficking of minors.

But Abby pressed Cam’ron to answer her question. “Did you recognize him? Did you recognize that kind of anger at all?”

Cam’ron grew frustrated. “I don’t know him like that,” he explained. “What you mean do I be recognizing him? I seen him. What you mean my experiences?”

The interview went downhill after that.

Prince Williams/

Cam’ron is well aware of Puffy’s anger issues. And he was probably aware of how Combs mistreated all of his women — not just Cassie.

The fact is, most rappers treat their women the way Combs did Cassie. They’re lying if they say they don’t.

Cam’ron broke the monotony of the interview by promoting his love potion/aphrodisiac called “Pink Horse Power.”

Abby cringed when he said he was going to get some “cheeks” after gulping the drink.

She quickly ended the disastrous interview after Cam’ron questioned why he was booked for the segment.

A user on a manosphere message board criticized Abby’s interview style.

“There were a lot of questions she could have asked and she could have dug into the mistreatment of women in hip hop culture but she made it a low brow interview for clicks so he made it a low brow interview for clicks.”