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An expert lip reader translated what Kelly Rowland said to a security guard at the 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival in France.

Kelly made headlines when she chastised the female security guard for being rude to her at the “Marcello Mia” movie premiere on Tuesday.

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Lip reader Jacqui Press said that after the security guard appeared to step on Kelly’s dress, she apologized, and Kelly touched her arm and said: “It’s ok.”

The incident would have ended there, but the woman said something that enraged Kelly.

The security guard was doing her job, which was to usher Kelly and her personal assistant up the famous red stairs.

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But Kelly turned around and yelled: “Don’t talk to me like that,” as she repeated the phrase several times.

A male security guard rushed down the steps to ask what happened. The lady gestured toward the red carpet and said Kelly was holding up the line.

That’s when Kelly’s personal assistant tapped the woman and apologized for Kelly’s behavior.

According to the lip reader, Kelly turned around at the top of the stairs and said: “You still don’t talk to me like that!”

Kelly Rowland vs Cannes Security
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The incident comes months after Kelly walked off the set of the Today show because she was dissatisfied with her dressing room. Sources say Kelly’s dressing room, which was larger, was given to Jennifer Lopez.

Kelly was upset by the closet-sized dressing room she was left with.


“Kelly spent her entire career in Beyonce’s shadow and she’s tired of the disrespect,” a source told Sandrarose.com.

The source said Kelly is checking everyone who disrespects her.