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The Miami Beach Police Department unveiled a Rolls-Royce patrol car as a recruiting tool.

The $250,000 tricked-out Rolls-Royce Ghost patrol car was unveiled Thursday outside the South Beach PD headquarters.

“Crafted with Precision: Miami Beach police officers and professional staff exemplify the highest standards of dedication and quality policing in our unparalleled commitment to the residents and visitors we serve,” read the caption of a video on the PD’s social media accounts.

“We are thrilled to introduce this stunning addition to the MBPD recruitment team — courtesy of @braman_miami,” the statement added.

The Miami Beach Police Department said no taxpayer funds were used to purchase the high-end luxury vehicle.

“This vehicle is part of Braman Motors’ fleet, and Braman Motors has sponsored all costs associated with this project in accordance with the CMB Policy,” the post read.

The Miami Beach Police Department was heavily criticized on X/Twitter.

“Doesn’t a Rolls prowl car just further mock the poor? Why not collaborate more with gyms, dojos, rec centers to give more kids a safe place to have fun and blow off some steam?,” one user tweeted.

Another person wrote: “Ah, the American tax dollar and it’s luxuries for the oppressing class.”

A third user wrote: “I just want to know the logic, how is outfitting a rolls Royce supposed to make people want to sign up, did they promise new recruits a few weeks of driving in it or anything like that?”