Rihanna stepped out with common-law husband A$AP Rocky three days after missing the 2024 Met Gala due to “the flu.” Fans expressed concern after the mother of 2 canceled at the last minute.

Rihanna reportedly RSVP’d to attend the 2024 Met Gala on Monday night in NYC. But she canceled at the last minute due to a sudden illness.

It’s not flu season, but the CDC announced 2 new fast-spreading COVID-19 variants called “FLiRT.”

According to the CDC, the new COVID variants: KP.1.1 and KP.2, are spreading rapidly in the U.S. KP.2 now makes up nearly 25% of COVID-19 cases currently in the U.S.


Sources tell that Rihanna is flourishing in her role as mommy to sons RZA, 2, and Riot Rose, 9 months.

“They have always had a solid friendship and the romance just enhanced that,” a source says of Rihanna, 36, and Rocky, 35.

Another source explains to that the singer “is all about motherhood” and she “loves” parenting their children.


“She brings the kids on every trip, including work trips. The kids come with her everywhere. She never complains that she’s tired,” says the insider. “She seems to just love life.”

Rumors swirled that Rihanna was pregnant with her third child after she was caught “fake-sipping” a glass of champagne.

But insiders say she is not pregnant and she wants to spend as much time as possible with her sons.

“She’s settled into motherhood so well,” the source said. “She is more carefree and relishes the time spent with them.”


The insider said A$AP Rocky is a great role model who dotes on his sons.

“Both parents do everything they can to spend as much time with the boys as possible. It is pure joy for them,” says the source.

“They’re doing a great job raising their kids. He’s very supportive of Rihanna too,” says the insider, as the pair has long accompanied one another to many of each other’s work-related events.