Photo may have been deleted

CNN’s producers were in panic mode after Cam’ron drank “Pink Horse Power” and said he was going to get “some cheeks” during a recent segment.

The 48-year-old rapper-turned-podcaster slammed CNN anchor Abigail “Abby” Phillip for asking him about the Sean Combs and Cassie video.

CNN obtained exclusive video that shows Combs kicking and stomping his then-girlfriend Cassie in 2016.

Cam’ron, real name Cameron Giles, grew increasingly frustrated over Abby’s line of questioning.

“Did you recognize that Sean Combs?” she asked. Cam’ron claimed he didn’t know Combs, but he was “totally against” domestic violence and human trafficking of minors.

Abby cringed when Cam’ron said he was going to get some “cheeks” after gulping a sex stimulant.

A CNN source says that a white producer asked the only Black person in the room what Cam’ron meant.

The producer then barked into Abby’s earpiece to kill the interview.

Cam’ron later said his Pink Horse Power drink was sold out.

Photo may have been deleted

The interview racked up over 10 million views online and inspired dozens of memes.

Now comes word that CNN plans to hire more Black producers in the control room to prevent a similar incident from occurring.

The news industry’s standard seven second live broadcast delay was designed to prevent embarrassing mishaps from airing live.

But, due to cultural differences, CCN’s producers didn’t understand that Cam’ron said something offensive.

A Black producer would have hit the abort button immediately.

“Have none of you seen any of Cam’ron’s previous media clips on news shows?” columnist Panama Jackson wrote in an op-ed on

Jackson added: “Cam’ron’s charm, even when he’s being inappropriate, is his calling card.”