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The pastor of a Christian church is going viral for selling plots in Heaven for $100/sq. meter.

The pastor claims he spoke to God in 2017 who authorized him to sell the plots starting at $100 per square meter.

The purchase guarantees purchasers a spot in Heaven, near God’s palace, regardless of the size of the plot.

A brochure featuring details on how to purchase the plots is circulating online. It shows a middle class house in the sky among the clouds. A family of four is seen ascending the golden steps toward the house in Heaven.

The brochure offers payment options, including Visa, Master Card, Google Pay, American Express, and Apple Pay.

You can also pay in installments on a payment plan.
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Real estate influencer Armando Pantoja said the Church has already made millions of dollars from selling plots in Heaven.

There are still many plots available in Heaven, according to the pastor.

“Can you believe it? You can be a property owner in Heaven … these guys are really serious about it,” said an African influencer named Uncle Solomon Izang.

“Could this possibly be one of the biggest real estate deals on the planet?,” Uncle Solomon asked his nearly 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.