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Sexyy Red sparked outrage when she made derogatory comments that were disrespectful of women with 4C hair.

According to, the “Pound Town” rapper posted a video on her Instagram Story showing her natural hair, which is bra strap length.

She referred to 4C hair as “carpet hair.”

“I [f**k with] people with carpet hair, [they] cool but, if you are talking s**t, I’ma call you ‘carpet hair.’ [Nothing] against my fellow 4C hoochies,” she said.

The post came after she shared a video of her bone straight hair. She captioned the video, “You carpet hair beanie neck [h**s] could never.”

One fan wrote, “But the carpet hair comment is weird to me! Sounds like something a [white] person would say! But hey, I guess since she’s a Black woman, no one cares! [Shaking my head].”

Another user wrote, “IT’S THE CARPET HEAD FOR ME… THATS WILD… I LOVE MY CARPET HAIR. CAN’T TELL ME S**T BOUT THIS NATURAL FRO ON MY TOP… yo’ BONE STRAIGHT hair nice too… but don’t bash all the natural girlies… We ain’t all say you was bald headed.”

A third fan wrote: “Sexyy Red is so ignorant. Calling 4C hair carpet hair is very anti-black. I hate yall for making her famous.”

Another young lady wrote: “You don’t have to have 4c hair to think what sexyy red said was stupid.” wrote: “Natural beauty should be embraced, and everyone should feel proud of their natural traits, free from manipulation or negative comparisons.”

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