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A judge declined to release Tupac Shakur’s accused killer Duane “Keefe D” Davis from jail after his bond was paid by Wack 100.

Keefe D, 60, has been in the Clark County Detention Center since his arraignment late last year for the murder of Tupac.

Controversial music manager Wack 100, real name Cash Jones, paid 15 percent of Keefe D’s $750,000 bond on Tuesday, June 25. But Keefe D remains in jail while prosecutors probe the source of Wack’s money.

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Wack 100 (pictured) was forced to appear before Clark County District Court Judge Carli Kierny via Zoom on Tuesday.

According to XXL magazine, Wack confirmed to the judge that he paid $112,500 for Keefe D’s bail using funds from his business, 100 Entertainment.

When asked his relationship with Keefe D, Wack said, “I know him from passing. I know his son. We sat down and talked a few times in general about personal things when he was having his bout with cancer. Personal things, industry stuff. Just regular conversation.”

“He’s always been a monumental guy in our community,” Wack added. “And I’ve helped several people in our community, whether it was funerals, whether it was for bail.”

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Judge Kierny is reportedly reconsidering Keefe D’s bond. The judge may increase the bond to keep him in jail.

According to CBS News, the judge denied Keefe D’s release after the prosecutor argued that the motive behind paying Keefe’s D’s bail was for him to be featured in a series produced by Wack.

The prosecution even played a VladTV interview where Wack mentioned something about making money off of Keefe D. The judge has barred Keefe D from profiting off the case.

Wack 100’s client list includes The Game, 6ix9ine, Ray J, and Blueface. He has a net worth of $5 million.

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