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Fulton County Jail, Douglas County

Former Douglas County Probate Judge Christina J. Peterson made an appearance on The Big Tigger Show on Audacy’s V-103 Wednesday morning.

The Supreme Court of Georgia removed Peterson from the bench following her arrest for punching a cop at a Buckhead nightclub on June 20.

Peterson denied being under the influence of alcohol and she said she only had one glass of wine.

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Atlanta Police Department

Peterson said the officer drove her around for hours to cover his tracks before transporting her to jail.

In 2020, Peterson was the first Black judge appointed to the bench at Douglas County probate court.

Peterson confirmed she is no longer a probate judge.

“Well, I’ll always be judge, but no, I’m no longer serving as of yesterday from a Supreme Court decision,” she said.

The chain of events that led to her downfall began when Peterson was hit with 50 ethics violations.

20 violations were dismissed by a JQC disciplinary panel. But the 3-person panel recommended that Peterson be removed from the bench.

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On Tuesday, the Georgia Supreme Court agreed that Peterson “exhibited a pattern of judicial misconduct while in office,” and ruled that she be removed immediately.

Peterson, 38, said, as a “history-maker”… “people started [making] frivolous complaints, against me – baseless complaints. But the JQC was weaponized, honestly, in my opinion, against me and, and pursued these charges.”

Peterson added: “I have been attacked since I’ve been in office.”

She commented on her altercation with an Atlanta police officer at the Red Martini Restaurant and Lounge on June 20.

V-103: A lot of people seemed to think the incident at Red Martini was the final nail in the coffin. The body cam and cell phone footage was released and gone viral since. After we listened to this, I want you to tell me what we don’t see in the video.

Peterson: You’re missing what happened before that. You are missing the attack on the woman. That’s what you’re missing.

V-103: So what I saw in the video, the woman is screaming, ‘Hey, he hit me.’ And you’re saying, ‘Let her go,’ in the video.

Peterson: Correct. The guy that I was talking to was not an officer. I was talking to the guy that was holding her. Whoever that was, I don’t know if he was security or whatever, he didn’t have authority to be putting his hands on her. She has already been attacked. I don’t know if he’s part of this attack. I just know I have a right to defend third parties. I know she was a victim, and I know you needed to get your hands off of her.

V-103: Did you know her?

Peterson: I didn’t know her. I just saw her getting attacked. And I mean, how that man was punching her. It was like he was in a boxing ring.

V-103: Were you the only one standing up for her?

Peterson: Yes. And I didn’t, I mean – I was minding my business. And let’s be clear, I never go, I just don’t go to that place. I have a friend who, it was his birthday. I love this friend. He’s a very kind guy. And I said, ‘Okay, I’m gonna go.’ And it was a night that was fine, and then we were just waiting in line to get some hot dogs.

V-103: They said the allegations are you put your hands on the officer. So that’s what they’re saying. But you’re saying you didn’t see him in officer clothing or uniform.

Photo may have been deleted
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Peterson: The officer said nothing to me… He knocked me out. He didn’t say anything to me. He didn’t gimme any commands. He didn’t say he was an officer… I can’t really speak much about that, but I’m just saying, on the video you saw, you didn’t see anything but me talking to the man holding that lady, and you see me get knocked out by an officer. That’s what you saw… Honestly, I can’t go too much into it, but what I think the officer was doing was trying to cover up his improper acts. He rode around with me for seven hours. He arrested me at three o’clock, and I didn’t get to the jail until almost 11.

V-103: Wait. So, okay. Between that time, what were you, what were y’all doing? What was he doing?

Peterson: He was, I mean, antagonizing me… Listen, the cuffs were so tight I had bruises on my arms. He was stopping his car and going, getting out. And he was nervous. He was… visibly nervous and he was making phone calls, private phone calls.

V-103: Wait a minute. So, for several different hours, you’re saying seven hours. So from what time to what time?

Peterson: Three until after 10, that’s when I got to the jail. And I’m gonna say that I believe he was trying to cover his tracks. He had violated me. And then when he found out – he knew on scene that I was a judge, because once he put me in cuffs, people were like, ‘That’s a judge.’ So then I think he had to come up with that, whatever story, he, and they, whatever they ran on the news. So, it was inappropriate. I asked him for, I said, ‘Am I under arrest? If I’m under arrest, I would like an attorney before I give you any of the information,’ because if somebody ever lies on you, you need an attorney. We don’t need to even have any more conversations. So that’s what I did. I said, ‘I don’t wanna give you anything.’ And, moreover, I would have my license if you didn’t knock me out and my purse got taken. You understand? You didn’t even let me get my belongings.

V-103: Girl, they ain’t let you get your wig? They got her out there with the braids? Oh my gosh, no ma’am… What would you have to say about some allegations, and people are saying that you were probably under the influence?

Peterson: Not under the influence. I mean, I drink wine. I had a glass of wine, but it wasn’t under the influence like that. What you saw was someone that was upset. What you saw, I was crying at times. And, when I cry, I get shaky and like, you know, and I’m really sensitive. People think I’m a real strong woman, ’cause I will protect anybody. I will fight for anybody, not physical fight, but fight under the law and fight with God’s help. But I’m talking about – you’re not in trouble. That’s not a crime to have a glass of wine. A crime is to drink and drive. A crime is not to protect someone that’s getting attacked. A crime is not to get a woman out of a grasp of a man who doesn’t have the right to beholden her and detaining her. Who let the attacker go, by the way. Yeah. Absolutely. They never spoke to him – here’s the thing. I’m being charged with obstruction…keep in mind, when I was originally charged, it was disorderly conduct. But then, seven hours later, it was felony obstruction.

V-103: What’s next for you? Where do you go from here?

Peterson: Well, I mean, I’m gonna continue to fight for the people. I’ve always been, like I said, a high performer. I’m still an attorney. I’m still doing great things. I’m multifaceted, I still have other talents. You know, I do acting and sing on the side. So, I’ll continue to do what I do. Nothing is stopping for me – the bench is the difference, you know? So that’s the only thing I’m gonna continue to do the good work. People are still going to retain me, ’cause I fight hard for all. Listen, before I became a judge, I never lost a case. Not civil, not criminal, never lost a case. When I became a judge, because they’re attacking me, they dismissed and tried to fight me in, in the court of law with their judge friends. But before this, I’ve always won. I never lose. So I’m gonna continue to win.

Listen to the full interview below.