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The Supreme Court of Georgia has removed controversial Judge Christina Peterson from the bench. The former Douglas County probate judge was arrested last week after an altercation with police at a Buckhead nightclub.

A three person Hearing Panel in March recommended that Judge Peterson be removed for “systemic incompetence.”

Ms. Peterson, 38, faced 50 ethics complaints, but 20 complaints were dismissed by the Panel.

The violations included mishandling a criminal contempt matter, engaging in unauthorized ex parte communications, and failing to provide due process protections.

Additional violations included pressing a panic button when a deputy was late escorting her to court. Her actions caused unnecessary chaos in the courthouse that day.

Peterson appealed to the Supreme Court of Georgia, who handed down their decision on Tuesday, June 25.

“Douglas County Probate Court Judge Christina Peterson has been charged with a number of violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct (CJC), including a number of violations that the Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) says exhibited a pattern of judicial misconduct while in office,” the court said in a ruling. “The JQC Hearing Panel found that Judge Peterson violated multiple rules in the CJC and that 2 those violations warrant her removal from the bench.”

“Her misconduct has already demonstrably eroded the public’s respect for the judicial system,” the opinion read.

The Court ordered that Peterson be removed from the bench immediately and that she not hold public office for the next 7 years.

Additionally, “Judge Peterson ‘shall not be eligible to be elected or appointed to any judicial office in this state until seven years have elapsed’ from the date of this opinion.”

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CAUTION: Video contains profanity and may not be suitable for some viewers.