Photo may have been deleted

Atlanta police released bodycam video that shows Douglas County Probate Judge Christina Peterson being arrested.

Peterson is charged with hitting a police officer and using threats or violence against a police officer, according to Fulton County Jail records.

The incident happened early Thursday morning at the Red Martini Restaurant and Lounge in Buckhead.

An Atlanta Police officer working a side gig for extra money approached a crying woman in the valet area. That’s when the judge reportedly punched him.

Photo may have been deleted

Judge Peterson was arrested and booked into the Fulton County Jail. She reportedly refused to identify herself at the jail.
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Peterson’s attorney, Marvin Arrington Jr., held a press conference on Friday after Peterson was released from jail.

Arrington Jr. claimed the arrest and charges weren’t justified because she was only trying to help a stranger.

An emotional Judge Peterson stood at the podium with Arrington Jr., but she declined to speak.

Witnesses who were at the nightclub, including Alexandria Love, spoke in Peterson’s defense.

Love said Peterson protected her from a vicious attack by a man after she cut in front of him in a food truck line.

“He viciously attacked me,” Love said, “punched me in my face and Judge Peterson was the only one to help me.”

Witness Madison Shannon Kelly also insisted the judge did nothing wrong.

“I see this person flying by me and I didn’t know who she was,” Kelly told reporters. “But I know she helped my friend, and if she hadn’t helped, I don’t know what we would be saying today.”

“Based on eyewitnesses and the female victim, we believe the videos will confirm that Judge Peterson should not have been arrested,” Arrington Jr. told reporters.

Watch the video below.

CAUTION: Video contains profanity and may not be suitable for some viewers.