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Fans of America’s Next Top Model accuse Megan Thee Stallion of ripping off her new album cover concept.

Megan is pictured with rappers Cardi B (center) and GloRilla at her concert after party at Slate in NYC.

The 29-year-old Texas native will release her third studio album, titled Megan, on June 28.

The project will be the first album to be released under her independent label Hot Girl Productions. She owns her own masters after her departure from her former label 300 Entertainment and 1501 Certified last year.

The album cover is a combination of photography by LaChapelle and AI-generated imagery.

The cover art shows Megan emerging from a butterfly chrysalis or pupa. The pupa is the last stage of metamorphosis after a caterpillar digests itself and transforms into a butterfly.

Megan is hanging upside down from a tree limb in front of a large transparent “M”.

Photo may have been deleted

Fans of America’s Next Top Model recognized the album cover concept from an ANTM photoshoot. They didn’t appreciate Megan’s thievery or complete lack of originality.

Photo may have been deleted

Reddit users compared Megan to Beyonce, the queen of stealing.

One person wrote: “I love Megan, but I’m actually in disbelief over this cover art. Wtf is this it looks so bad.”

Another person wrote: “I love you Meg but what the heck is this album cover.”

A third person noted: “The hair bothers me because that’s not how gravity works. Just use pasties.”

Others wondered why the butterfly wings are growing out of Megan’s butt instead of her back.

“And where are the wings connected to on her body, if not her shoulders that are hanging out of the chrysalis?”