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Fenty Hair

Rihanna’s fans say she is wrong for not featuring any 4C hair models in her new Fenty Hair commercial.

4C hair is the most common type among people of African descent.

In the new Fenty Hair commercial, a white model slathers a Fenty Hair product on her tresses. Other mixed race and Asian models are featured. But there is not one model with 4C hair.

Rihanna announced her Fenty Hair launch set for June 13.

The new ad features a collage of Rihanna’s most popular hairstyles over the years.

“Hair has always been very personal to me,” the beauty maven says in the video. “It’s an outlet of self-expression and creativity. I feel like it’s also been markers of my evolution and growth over the years – both as an artist and a person.”

Rihanna goes on to say she wanted to launch a line of products that were easy to use and included repair in every step.

Rihanna said her hair care products are designed to strengthen and repair all hair types — except 4C hair, apparently.